random things I’ve saved to my phone but will never buy…probably.

Do you ever find cute things on the internet but you know you’ll never put in the effort to like go get your debit card that’s all the way in your purse to buy it? I do. I save them on my phone and show them to my sister and she pretends to be interested. So now I’m just going to show some of my latest faves to you. 



1. brunch tee no explination needed. This is the perfect tank. But I’ll never buy it because I want it to be like $7 cheaper. 

2. watermelon top it’s from anthro and like a million dollars but hopefully forever 21 will make a knock off. 

3. state forty eight racerback I’ve wanted a state forty eight shirt forevs but I’m so indecisive!

4. watermelon insultated beach bag like do I have a practical need for this? Um no. But is it the cutest bag ever? Yes. 

5. AZ key chains cuuuuuuute ness. And like $5. Omg. 

6. flamingo slip ons these are from a flash sale site so I’ll defs forget to order them. Especially because I have crippling anxiety about buying shoes online. 

7. #nofilter necklace I can’t even buy this because the shop owner is “on vacation.” So then I start thinking “maybe I can craft this myself?” And we all know how that goes. 

Where my ladies at who have shopping carts full of stuff they’ll never buy? I know you feel me on this one. Cute stuff that I don’t need…story of my life! Okay maybe I’ll buy the flamingo shoes…BRB…let me find my card…

I thought Target Canada ruined my life. 

So liiiiiiike a month & a half ago @misschrissycharms posted the cutest bag on her IG. I screen shotted it with every intention of running to Target to swoop it up. Seriously- how cute is it??


Much to my horror, I could not find it on the Target website. I didn’t see it at the 3 Targets I went to either…I went back to the original post to find that the bag WAS ONLY AVAILABLE IN TARGET CANADA! In case you’re not up on Canada Related News, Target recently made the decision to close all of their stores in Canada because they weren’t profitable. I know- I don’t even know how that’s possible either. (Possibly because there was nothing to buy?) Thus…the bag would never be mine. I was doomed to just be taunted by Canadian bloggers. Or so I thought!

One morning last week, I was scrolling through the Target website for a blush pink bag. AND I SAW IT! But only at a Target at the 17 & Bethany Home. Aka like the most inconvenient location for me to swing by. I didn’t care. I gave my hair a quick spritz of dry shampoo and ran there before work. I got there & I saw it….the last bag in all of Phoenix. I bought it and it was mine. Isn’t it just the cutest bag you ever did see? It’s not too big, it looks just like this Kate Spade bag, and it has short and long straps. Sigh….so this is what victory feels like… ;-)


Recent Feedback Re: My Headbands. 

So when I worked at the Dolch, I wore headbands all the time…and no one batted one false lash. Now that I work in a differnt setting, my headbands have become the subject of much controversy. 

I now present to you a list of comments I’ve received about my head bands in the last week:

“So is today ‘Flashdance’ day?”

“You’re white and wearing a headband. Of course I think you’re a snob.”

“Do you have a head ache or….” (from a genuinely concerned international student.)

“It looks like you cut the crotch out of lace underwear and put it on your head.”

“What’s going on (motions to my head) here?”

“You have sort of a…Brett Michaels thing going on today, huh?”

I have no lesson I’ve learned from this. No cute little wrap up. (is that a headband pun?) I just think it’s funny that people are so confused about me wearing cute head bands. What can I say- I can’t avoid controversy. 😉 

Two Years Ago Today: A Dolce Memoir

I tweeted this two years ago today:

I searched my blog and I can’t believe I’ve never blogged about this here before! I wrote a post for Dolce’s blog but that has since faded into the Internets. 

Two years ago today was my first day at Dolce Salon & Spa. I still remember them asking me in my interview (not once but) TWICE if I was willing to wear a full face of make up. I had never worn foundation in my life- they were right to be hesitant. Haha

 I was in a big transitionary phase of my life- God was asking me to take a step back from Chi Alpha & ministry & work through some healing. I thought this job was “random” but it ended up dovetailing perfectly with where I was in my journey. I did a whole Summer of Risks. I worked though Mending the Soul and started learning who I was. Shame started falling off. Working at a salon let me learn how to express on the outside what I was feeling on the inside. It gave me permission to try to work on my appearance. 

This is not a story just about how I learned to lightly contour and how to blend eye shadow and how I gained an appreciation for a good spray tan- it’s about how I finally allowed God to dust me off and reveal my worth to myself. You can’t deny the transformation though:

The following photos are all about 5 years apart on the same day:

One of my favorite Bible verses is 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” The Lord took a few years with me at a job that was not in my comfort zone or realm of expertise and perfected me in love. I was around people at work who valued presenting themselves well and I rose to the occasion. I spent time in a Mending the Soul group around women who values working through lifetimes of junk and I got better. 

While I’m at a new job now and my life looks different, I’m still thankful for the time I spent at the Dolch. As I am in the midst of a new season of growth, it’s encouraging to see how far the Lord has brought me. Growth and change can be so uncomfortable but God continually reminds me of my story. Of where I’ve been. It’s a great comfort to know that the best has yet to come- that I can continue to fight for the best me. 

Who Am I?

As I was driving home from Chi Alpha tonight I prayed, “God who am I that you would let me be a part of this?” I had just got to spend a few hours hanging with great people, eating Chic fil a, and serving the campus. I’m not being dramatic when I say- what a privilege.

If you knew me, if you knew my story, if you think anything like me…I have no business being allowed on campus. But God, in His rich mercy, has written a story of redemption for me. If we had time to sit over coffee, I would tell you how He has heaped grace on my life. I am living proof that you can’t get in the way of your own calling. I just can’t resist the plans He has.

If you’ve never been in a place like this, if you’ve never had revelation of what you’ve been saved from, if you’ve never felt like you are doing what only God could have ordained, I would encourage you to take the risk. Step out. Put your faith in action. Live Brave. It’s the only place worth living. Who am I? Who are you? We are destined. We are daughters. You can do it. Step in.<3

Feb Update/March Goals

HOW IS FEBRUARY ALREADY OVER?!? So crazy! I kicked off the first day of March doing a whole bunch of nothing! Haha Mag & I went to church with my parents & then to brunch & then slept the afternoon away. I’m ending it by watching the Sister Wives finale. This is how you refuel, people. ;-)

Okay on to the update on my Feb goals:

Mental: Read a book. I read Make It Happen and I really enjoyed it, it was really more of a work book than a book book…it’s a resource I will likely revisit. A word to the wise- don’t buy the digital copy like me! This is a book you’ll want to write all over! I also read Sean Lowe’s “For the Right Reasons” and I LOVED IT! With these goals, I’ve read WAY more books this year than I did last year and I’m really proud of that.

Emotional: Hang out with a friend that I wouldn’t normally hang out with. Push the comfort zone. Expand the circle.
I hung out with the YoPros and it was the bomb!

Physical: Take 3 Yoga Classes
I went to 2 and set up a time to do therapeutic yoga at a later date. I ran into a long lost friend at a class and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to expanding my practice.

Spiritual: 10 Devotional Times & 3 fasting days. Y’all I suck at setting aside designated devotional times. This one was a bit of a miss. The 3 fasting days happened though! And they were emotional but more bearable than I thought. Phewf.

So for March…I want to keep in mind that I can #LiveBrave…so these make me sweat a bit!

Mental: Read Brene Brown’s “The Gift of Imperfection.” Excited about this one especially for where I’m at in my journey. :)

Emotional: Okay there are a few people that I KNOW but we’re not really friends- you those people who you SAY you’re going to hang out with but never do? Okay I want to hangout with one of those people.

Physical: Start Couch to 5k again. I want to spend more time outside but I hate running. I think I can do it though! Oh and I’m also going to Jesus at the Core…which is terrifying because it’s going to be full of super flexible yogis. YOLO…going for it.

Spiritual: 3 fasting days & 15 devotional times. Gotta up my game. I don’t like being quiet…ever. I would rather speak in front of a million people than spend 20 minutes being quiet. Sometimes my #brave looks different and that’s okay.

My March calendar is already filling up but I’m excited for all the fun things in store and to punch these goals in the face!


Weekend Update

This was a pretty busy weekend! Here’s what I did!


Friday night kicked off the Chi Alpha Girl’s Event: Dream. It was part sleep over, part challenge, part spa weekend. Candi and Paige put on a world class event- amazing food for body & mind. We did a killer work out and had custom smoothies after. We made dream boards and were challenged to look fear in the face. Most of all, we learned that being brave is taking small risks every day. A little more about my story will be on Candi’s blog next week so you’ll have to wait for all the juicy deets. ;-)


Right from there, I headed to the most amazing Mardi Gras themed dinner with the YoPros! (Aka Young Professionals from my church.). This was a small step to live brave- and on theme with one of my February Goals. 99% of these people are already my friends but for some reason I never push myself to make it to the events. I want to fully embrace relationships and I’m so glad I went! Rachel threw such an amazing event and it was a fun reason to get dressed up on Valentine’s Day!

I topped off the weekend with a long chat sesh over bruschetta with my beloved DD. I don’t get to see her every day anymore and I missed her sweet self! Full weekend, full heart- the perfect way to spend Feb 14th.

January Goal Result/New Monthly Goals!

So…..I’m going to be honest. I failed to complete some of my goals. I think it’s highlighting areas that I don’t place emphasis on so I let those goals fall to the wayside. This month was also weird for a lot of reasons. But here’s what happened in Jan.

Mental: Read a book. COMPLETED
I read Amy Poehler’s Yes Please & Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl. I realized that I love reading! I think I forgot that.

Emotional: 2 Life Giving Friend Dates COMPLETED
Brunch on brunch. Rae unexpectedly came into town and Anna is just someone I enjoy being around. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver & the other’s gold.

Physical: 30 Day Shred 10x FAILED
I could list a thousand excuses but the bottom line is I just didn’t make this one a priority. I did work out a few times. Back at it next month!

Spiritual: Fast & Prayer Retreat SEMI COMPLETED
I did the prayer retreat with my small group but I wanted to do one on my own too. That never happened. I’m glad I did part of the fasting because I needed it. But, again, didn’t make it as much of a priority.


Mental: Read a book.
Keeping this one. I’m going to read “Make It Happen.”

Emotional: Hang out with a friend that I wouldn’t normally hang out with. Push the comfort zone. Expand the circle.

Physical: Take 3 Yoga Classes
No angry messages about how much of a sinner I am. I like taking Holy Yoga/Yahweh Yoga classes so boo to you. :) What I learned from last month is that I need to put these on the calendar and stick to them.

Spiritual: 10 Devotional Times & 3 fasting days.
I want to make this more of a priority. I’m also going to predesignate days to fast so I can schedule them around working out.

There you have it! I’d love to hear your goals too! It’s always better to do stuff together!

I hate people who recline airplane seats: an introspection.

I have a little technique I use every time I’m on a plane. I sit down, buckle my seat belt, & then carefully observe the person sitting in front of me. The SECOND I see them reach for the button to recline their seat, I jam my knee into their seat. They think their seat is broken & can’t recline, and I conserve the tiny space in front of me so I can enjoy my signature plane drink: ginger ale. As fas as I’m concerned, if you’re flying domestic, you really don’t have a reason to recline your seat.

I employed this technique while on a flight this afternoon. I let my guard down for a second so he actually got like 2 inches of recline. I’m not going to lie…..I judged this guy. Like seriously- how rude can you be to recline your seat for a 2 hour flight? We were about to take off when the flight attendant came to let him know he needed to power down his device. Seat Man freaked out at her. According to him, his was an approved device to stay powered on. (PS- you can use iPads in airplane mode during take off now? Will wonders never cease….) She calmly let him know his device was not approved & if he had questions he could read the back of the magazine. He continued to argue so she took a more firm tone with him, took her seat, & we took off.

But this freaking guy……she came to take our drink orders and Seat Man started the argument AGAIN! All over the fact that he couldn’t use his laptop for MAYBE 15 minutes! I thought to myself, “Wow….you can tell A LOT about a person by how they treat flight attendants. This guy is terrible.” Sassy tweets swirled in my head, I thought of punchy comments I could make to him….

And then I thought, “Wow…I can tell a lot about me by the way I want to publicly shame this guy.” Luke 6:27…..Matthew 5:44…..etc etc…

I wouldn’t say this guy was my “enemy” per say…..but I certainly could have loved him better. I heard someone say recently that it’s really easy to love people who like you but harder (and arguably more important) to love those that are difficult to love. It’s clear to me that in this season…one of focusing on the holistic….that a mature follower of Christ loves her enemies and looks to create win-win situations. Also, the way I approach one situation is the way I approach all situations. Where else am I trying to defeat others so I can be comfortable?

So sorry Seat Man! I pray your year is full of love & life & all the lap top usage your heart desires. Here’s to loving more haters in 2015.

Embracing the Cliche: 2015 Goals


Is it cliche to write goals on January 1st? Don’t care. I made a 30 day goal (a bold, risky one!) on November 21st and I smashed it. It was so powerful to set the intention to achieve the goal and then have serious accountability!! The date didn’t really matter.

After some time praying, I feel like my word for the year is “holistic.” So I think I’m going to make monthly goals (inspired by Andrea Worley‘s monthly goals!) in four areas that make up my life. So here goes! Keep me accountable Internet!

Physical: Complete 10 sessions of Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. I like this work out- it’s quick but packs a punch!

Mental: Read a book! I love reading & I don’t always make time for it. It’s relaxing, it’s stimulating, & it’s good for my brain.

Emotional: Set up time to hang out with 2 life giving friends. As a sanguine/extrovert, I need this more than I think and I often neglect it.

Spiritual: Fast 3 days out of the month. Make a trip to the Phoenix First prayer chapel to journal & pray. I have wanted to become more disciplined in fasting & the prayer chapel is one of my fav spots.

I’ll let you all know how they went at the end of the month!