this is my life.

I have a long history with blogs…xanga, livejournal, even a short lived blog about my ministry with Chi Alpha. I like to write and i feel like i have a lot to say, but that’s not really enough to have a sucessful blog.they say to “make it” in the blog world, you have to have a “niche.”

Well…I’m not a cool graphic designing/diy-ing mom who plans cool parties and basically is Pinterst in the flesh.

I’m not a strong, resourceful military wife who is living life on the east coast or hawaii. 

I’m not a Chi Alpha family who is moving/raising kids/remodeling a home all at once.

I’m not super insightful and deep and poetic. 

I don’t have amazing spiritual revelations and make cakes.

What I am is…well..I’m not sure. but what i am sure of is that i have a lot of weird/hilarious/bizarre things happen to me that don’t seem to happen to any one else. I frequently find myself saying “yep. this is my life.” I decided is that I am my own niche! I am hoping to write about all things I’m passionate about, including everything from what I do with Chi Alpha to weird conversations I have with waiters to things I find on the internet.

Basically, my life in a nutshell, cataloged for all to see, enjoy, and learn from. Welcome Aboard!

(p.s. Click the links to be taken to some wonderful blogs created by some of my favorite people! They are all great! 100% Katie approved!)

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