high five for friday.

this week, im linking up with “my gray desk” for her “high five friday!”

because if i have a blog, i should like link to these kinds of things, right? i mean i feel like it will encourage me to post more.

i’m feeling hesitant to make this blog public because im afraid i won’t keep it up- hopefully these will help!

1. The Relevant Podcast.

You have to listen for a while before your understand how funny this is because it’s full of so many recurring jokes. Once you’re in the club- it’s hilarious! It also features tons of hilar commentary on pop culture, great new music, and super interesting interviews. I love it. You can listen here. 

2. My Back Scratcher of Glory.

I love this thing. It’s retractable, it’s portable, and I use it every day.  It’s something every single girl needs for when you have a scratch on the most annoying part of your back.  You can buy them at Walgreens (where my mom got mine!) or online. 

3. B-A-N-A-N-A-S

I must be like low on potassium or something, but I’ve been eating banana’s like I am a primate. I can’t get enough of them. I also love freezing them into ice cream like this.

4. Summer salads.

Any where I can sneak in sweetness, I do it.  I bought a bag salad and added chopped up white peach, apple, and chicken. It was the perfect meal to eat outside.

5. Strawberries + sour cream + brown sugar.

It sounds so weird, but it’s so good. I got to introduce it to my smallest friends this week- they loved it ! Seriously! Try it!

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