jewelry party!

Last night, I hosted a Premier Desgins Jewelry party benifiting XA’s Summer Expedition Trip!

A group of students from UC Davis Chi Alpha is traveling to a far away land to do kids camps, love people, and share some Good News. My fabulous friend Erica from church is an independent consultant and offered to donate a portion of the proceeds to the trip! If you feel so moved, you can give to the trip here. Put “Summer Expedition” in the subject.

It was a fun night full of bling & treats. Now, I’m not a cool Mom blogger but I was pretty proud of the way everything came together. Someone even said “What- did you pull all this stuff off of Pinterest?” Ha- No…just my brain, Google, and a tight budget. Here’s the break down:


“Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” -Christian Aguilara (yes, she has a version)

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – Cindy Lauper

“Chain Hang Low”- Jibbs

“Diamonds Are Forever”- Kanye West

“Bling Bling” – Juvinile & Lil Wayne

“Grillz” – Nelly

“Flashdance- What a Feeling” – Irene Cara

+Some Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, & Jewel for good measure. (Get it? Jewel? Hahah)


These were kept pretty minimal to let the jewelry shine. I made a few buntings out of magazine pages…to kind of go with a “Fashion” theme…and because it was free. Ha!

Creating the table of food felt pretty “mom blogger” of me. After viewing so many HWTM party posts, I figured I could pull something off.  The runner is a scarf of mine and the other items are just from my room. I flipped a bowl over and put another bowl on top to add some height. I did this with a stack of books too. Fun!


French Bread & Butter

Fruit Snacks



Dessert Pizza

Taco Cups


The taco cups were just Tostido’s Scoops with a spoon full of black beans, salsa, and then a slice of avocado on top. Super easy. I had high hopes of making my own tortilla cups…but that just didn’t happen. These worked out fine!

The dessert pizza was sugar cookie dough baked as 1 huge cookie with (canned) cream cheese frosting & sliced strawberries on top. It looked good & tasted great.

The Party:

People got to model the jewelry and it was pretty fun!



Erica taught us things like:

*The 5 “S”‘s: Don’t Sleep, Shower, Sweat, Swim, or…Something else I forgot in your jewelry! I fail at all of the S’s. I should get better.

*Wearing bracelets takes the focus off your mid section and makes you look 5lbs slimmer!

*Earrings should be the last piece of jewelry you put on after your hairspray/perfume (maybe Spray is the 5th S?)

I also got to give out “Diva Dollars” to any one who was acting like a Diva. Obviously I was being obnoxious with them the whole time.

OH and I got like $76 worth of free jewelry for hosting the party- that was my 2nd fav part…besides giving some $$ to the team!  All in all, the night went better than I expected and I think everyone had fun!


My fave little diva.

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