Apparently Animal Planet is doing “Monster Week” this week. I say “apparently” because I don’t have a TV and/or cable and/or I’m amish. I did learn via the Relevant Podcast (sorry..I’m obsessed!) that Animal Planet is doing a show exculsively on MERAPES. This is a theory that the legend of the mermaid came from a species of aquatic apes. As an avid fan of Ariel and also weird things, I WAS FACINATED! You can read an article about it here.

Researching this (aka googling it) also landed me on a website called the “Merforum” which includes a really extensive FAQ about how to create your own mermaid tail. What is the “Mermaiding Community” you ask? According to the website: “The mermaiding community for which this board exists is a groups of people of both genders from all over the world that are enthusiastic about mermaids and mermen, often with an interest in swimming in costumes to indulge in the fantasy. It represents a pretty obscure and eccentric hobby, so its emergence had depended largely on the growing accessibility of the internet.”

This is why I love the internet. I promise you if you find yourself in an awkward silence over coffee, bring this up & you’re sure to start a memorable conversation. You’re welcome.

Extremely creepy image via.

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