Top 10 Times I’ve Cried

crying while holding a sweet baby that was only hours old. justified??

I am a crier and it doesn’t take much to make me cry.  Some occasions have been pathetic, some  meaningful, and some have just been …very Katie. So with out further ado:

The Top Ten Times I’ve Cried 

1. When Will was gifted an Ipad I was earnestly praying that someone who give him one. I knew he wanted one so bad! So when he recieved one as a suprise Christmas gift..I just was so emotional about it. Everyone was confused, including myself, as to why I was crying. I was just..excited?

2. When I was trying to describe my snorkeling experience. To start off, when I was snorkeling I couldn’t get over the fact that I felt like I was inside someone elses house uninvited. Which is weird because I’m normally really nosy.  Overall, snoreklling was a really beautiful experience in conquering fears. It was such a spiritual experience and I felt like I could hear the Lord speak really clearly. When it came time to explain such thing, I became a puddle of tears….All over an activity that involved flippers.

3. When I got a Coach bag for Christmas. My mom is like the best givft giver in the entire world. She always knows exactly what you want even if you do not. When I opened this suprise package, I was overcome with emotion- it was so cute! It was so thoughtful! Tears galore.

4. When the oldest White children were born..  When they first put a baby in my arms, I went weak at the knees and almost dropped him. When #2 was born, it was more of a quiet sob.  There is something just overwhelming about new, precious life.

5. When I was reading the last 3 chapters of The Last Song on this flight. Enough said.

6 . When I had a break down at Disneyland. Migarine + cramps + being overly emotional led to a very embarassing Disneyland breakdown during the World of Color. I’m going to cry just thinking about how embarassing it was.

7.When I saw the Backstreet Boys in concert when I was 14. I cried the whole time. Like from the moment the lights went off until we got to the parking lot.

8. EVERYTIME I’ve gotten pulled over. The first time I got pulled over was when I was 17 and on my way to a Bright Eyes concert. (Seriously). I cried so hard that when the officer asked me where I was going I said “To my friends” and he heard “to pick up my son.” This made me cry harder. He STILL gave me a ticket. Ugh!

9. When I was spinning girls by the arms in South Africa. These little girls probably thought that this white girl (perhaps one of a dozen white people they had seen in their lives…)had gone completely crazy. I ran away from them mid-twirl. I just realized all of a sudden that my dad would spin me like that when I was little. I was so overwhelmed and crying so hard I ran away. (I’m getting misty typing this.) I was priviledged to be able to share some of God’s love with little girls who had no parents. Whoa.

10. Pretty much any time Shawn or Candi look at me. “I’m fine” is not an acceptable answer when in a convo with S&C. Campus pastors & confidants, they could probably write an entire book on the times that I have freaked out on them after asking me a simple question. Weirdly, they still choose to associate themselves with me. #blessed?

Do you cry over commercials? Do you never cry? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Times I’ve Cried

  1. Jordan

    I remember I cried in the middle of The Holiday when one of Jude Law’s daughters called them “The Three Musketeers.” I was touched by how much he loved them and vice versa. It was so stupid at that moment and I almost got away with it. But my brother noticed and that only made me cry more. Hahaha

    Plus I always cry when someone asks me “Are you okay?” when I’m obviously not okay.

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