Yesterday, I drove 777.7 miles from Woodland, CA to Tempe, AZ.  I lived in Northern California for 1 year & 11 months, and now I get to come to my fav place and work on my fav campus with my fav people! On my drive, I listened to 2 audio books: Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) and Tina Fey’s Bossypants. (Yes, I realize these are basically the same book.)

In Mindy’s book, she mentions something called the “Irish Exit”- when you leave a party and don’t tell anyone.   I had no idea this was a practice with a NAME!  I am somewhat notorious for Irish Exits. In true Katie Cannon fashion, I do not limit my self just to parties. I did it at my summer job a few times- I just didn’t really tell anyone it was my last day except the people who needed to know.  When I moved to CA, it was such a whirlwind I just…barely said goodbye to anyone.  When people asked me when I was moving, I would kind of laugh and give a vague answer.  It was so bad- people came to my house and demanded to say goodbye.

It’s a weird practice.  Leaving CA, I realized how messed up it is.  Part of it is fear of the awkward.  Another part is thinking “Well I am I really worth saying ‘goodbye’ too?” or “Was I a good friend? Do you think we’re friends? Because I do but if you don’t then this is weird” or “Does anyone care that I’m leaving?” This is messed up thinking, folks.

This time- I said goodbye.  The Klier’s threw me a party, and people actually came! My church prayed for me so hard that I felt like I needed a nap afterwards.  I got to say goodbye to people.  I even said goodbye to the dudes at my favorite Dutch Bros.  I was addicted to saying goodbye. Was it kind of awkward sometimes? Sure.  Was it totally worth it to “leave well”? YES YES YES&AMEN! Sometimes it’s hard to hear that people care about you.  Once I got over that, it was one of my most encouraging weeks…ever!Full of presents & meaningful conversation & tears.

It’s still debatable if I will continue to use this tactic at parties. I like to go to bed early and avoid 20 minute goodbyes when I’m ready to go to sleep.

So goodbye, dear readers,  Thank you SO much for reading my blog! I hope we can see each other again when I find something weird on the internet and post again.  BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tomorrow (well technically today…) I will embark on day 1 of my drive to AZ.

Car is all packed up! Look for updates from the road on twitter (@katiecannonnn) or instagram (@katiecannonnn). (But only from when I stop because I already promised my mom I wouldn’t text and drive.)

I’m am so excited to be back in the state that is home to me! Ahhh! I can’t sleep!

See you on the road!


I am a secret (or not so secret?) fan of hip hop/rap/etc.  Weirdly, my brain remembers rap songs really easily.  This week’s song is completely ridiculous and is accompanied by an equally ridiculous video Every time this song comes on the radio (which is weirdly a lot?), I am instantly in a good mood.

“Kiss Me Thru the Phone” by Soulja Boy f/ Sammie



BONUS: Soulja Boy’s “First Day of School” MOST RIDIC SONG ON THE PLANET!


I love fast facts & ASU- which means I REALLY love fast facts about ASU.  I was putting together some info today about the campus and was pretty impressed with what my Alma Mater has to offer.  Don’t get me wrong- I think they have earned their “party school” rep, but they are actually doing lots of really cool things! Like did you know we are in the top 5 for corporate recruitment? Or that we are in ranked in the top 25 for biological sciences? And that I happen to be RELATED to a biological science degree holder? It’s true…

Here’s what I found:



I missed last week, and I’m so glad to be back with High Five for Friday! It has been a crazy last week and I’m MOVING to ARIZONA in a matter of days! Ah! Here is what has filled up my last little bit:

1. Spending time with this cutie! In the last week, we’ve eaten froyo, chips, dip, twizzlers, and donuts. She’s my sweet tooth pal, and I sure will miss her!

2. The Dance Recital Dress Rehersal So cute! I will miss their recital and this was a perfect substitution.  They are fabulous ballerinas!

3. Lake Berryessa! It’s only like 30mi from where I live and I saw it the last week I was here! Beautiful!

4. Sending off the fearless travelers! They are gone for the summer and I got to go drop ’em off at the airport.  They are doing BIG (secretish) things this summer!

5. THE BEST BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP! It was from Grilla Bites in Redding. OH-EM-GEE the buttery goodness in this squash soup! Delish!

Ok gotta get back to packing!

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I’ve been noticing lately my natural
attraction to college students. I have a radar for them. It’s easy for me to enter into conversation with them.

I DO NOT feel this way around high school or middle school students- I am so intimidated by them and their trends! (Plus I feel old because I’m always talking about how One Direction needs hair cuts.)

Sometimes it’s easy to think that I just stumbled upon working with Chi Alpha. Maybe I just got to a certain place and decided it was a nice enough spot to camp out for a while. I mean- doesn’t interacting with college students come easy to everyone? No. It doesn’t. Doesn’t it just MAKE SENSE that we would invest in our college students because they are the future of the revival of the nations? Probably.

But I am pretty certain I am called to them because these things don’t come easy to everyone. Most people would not dress up as a cow (complete with udders) to invite students to a party. I’m not trying to toot my own horn- let me get to my point.

Some times our calling might be right in front of our face- it’s just so much a part of who we are and what we do, that it might be hard to get perspective and see its value. Some of you might be really organized and think that is not a gift. LET ME TELL YOU- IT IS! I do not possess it! Some of you might be really great at like math & accounting or like botany or what ever- that is a gift the Lord has given you! And you are responsible for using it for Him! Your life calling might be hiding right in front of you.

Be encouraged! Now go change the world!