#1. “Someone” viewed my blog from Montenegro…. My little sister is on a mission adventure right now through a few countries.  I could not be more proud of her & her whole team! I treasure every email & facebook post that she posts. This was just fun to see !

#2. Hearing this sweet little boy say my name. Sometimes he says it like a question- “Deet-dee?” and he smiles and waits for me to say his name back to him. INSTANT HEART MELT.

#3. Facetime- My mom finally updated to a non-Dinosaur status Iphone. I got to Facetime my mom & Rae this week! Such a fun way to communicate!

#4. Discovering an entire cook book full of ways to put cookie dough in other things. I saw this recipe for Cookie Dough truffles on Bakerella.com only to find there was AN ENTIRE BOOK of recipes! Yum!

#5. The big announcement- I WILL OFFICIALLY BE MOVING BACK TO AZ (AS IN ARI-FREAKING-ZONA) AT THE END OF JULY TO WORK WITH ASU CHI ALPHA! This means lots of support raising & preparation until then.  Right now, I’m at about 31% of my budget.  I would love your help to get to 100%. 🙂 I also be tweeting about the support raising adventure with the hashtag #KatietoAZ.  Feel free to tweet me encouragement or questions with the same tag!

Linking up with Lauren at From My Gray Desk.



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