day in the life: 6.2.12

here’s a day in the life of me- what I did, hour by hour this past saturday!

7:30a– wake up in a house that is not mine. I’m house sitting/dog sitting. Feed the sweet, snuggly pup & then take him on a morning stroll. which is weird because I’m not really a dog person, but Skippy is totally enjoyable.



8:30aReceieve a text to go get breakfast- I love breakfast! See ya in an hour!

8:35aGet dressed&ready for the day.

9:00aHead to the Woodland Farmers Market for some cheap produce. I got some strawberries, peaches, cherries, & zucchini! yum! I like chatting with the farmers.

9:20a Run to get cash, notice a flea market. Make a mental note to return later.

9:32aI get to Don’s Diner and enjoy a delish breakfast & good/weird/omg-I’m-so-glad-I don’t-have- brothers conversation.

10:45a The flea market is on my way home…so I’m like obligated to go, right? I got some books and a 50c necklace that I really like. Flea markets are one of the few things I miss about the Midwest.

11:30aTime to get some work done/give the puppy attention/run last minute errands before I have to baby sit at 2.

1:15pRealize I’m not going to have time to shower before the End of the Year Banquet unless I do it right now.

1:18pGet a text from Jen asking if I can come early. Welp, guess I’m going to have to make my hair work. 🙂 (I’m
babysitting so that they can host an XA Alumni get together- so cool!)

1:40p Whip up some Iced Via & I’m out the door!

5:45pJen gets back- I jump in the car, run to feed/speed pet Skippy.

6:00pRun home. My dress is still wet in the wash machine and the banquet starts at 6p. Throw the dress is the dryer and fire up my straightener.

6:30pManage to make myself look semi-decent. Rush off to Davis.

6:45pArrive at Davis Christian Assembly which looks like a dream! Students, parents, friends and alumni all gathered to celebrate what the Lord has done in a year! Whoa!

7:00pI’m running around saying hello to everyone, serving/spilling water, and meeting moms. The food was amazing and Jack&Renee’ were running the kitchen/student waiters like pros.

7:21 Will is in his element in the front. He starts talking about how special it was to have the gathering of XA alumni that afternoon. They had help build the Davis XA house. He starts crying…therefore I start crying.


7:30pThey bring all the seniors up on stage and have parents & alumni come lay hands on them. A parent of a student prays this amazing, commissioning prayer over the students. Yep- crying again. Such a powerful moment!

7:45 An XA alum is speaking. She & her husb are missionaries in South Africa. She shares a story about a baby who was brain damaged and left for dead. Their church prayed for the baby and he was COMPLETELY HEALED! Cue ugly crying from me. This is the power of investing in college students! They go change the world.


8:20p People are given an opportunity to give toward next year’s O Week (The first week where all the students come to campus- tons of outreach.)

8:30p Students present the staff with gifts to honor them for pouring into the community. Totally student led & totally cool.

9:00pTime for chatting & pictures.

10:30p Head to BJ’s for the after par-Tay. Discuss the new Les Mis movie trailer extensively.

1:30aGet home to my own bed and pass out! Good night!

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