I never ever see movies, so you probably shouldn’t listen to anything I have to say about this one. Overall, I really liked Snow White & the Huntsman. It was certainly very dark, but the darkness had a purpose. It wasn’t just for the sake of being gross/weird. The Queen was evil, but it was clear she had a heart & a past. She wasn’t just being mean. The Huntsman had enough of a back story to keep him 3 dimensional, but we were still left with some mystery. Kristen Stewart as Snow White….well she did a lot of the awkward “Bella-ish” heavy sighs & lip bites. I’m sure these are just Kristen’s quirks, but I couldn’t get Bella out of my head the whole time. This video does an excellent job of demonstrating what I mean:

Visually, it was stunning. Who ever has the job of dreaming up the wardrobe hit it out of the park.

Also, the girl next to me was wearing Dr. Pepper pajama pants, for one thing. For another, every time something scary would happen, she would gasp in this totally bizarre shrieking way. It was hilarious- I’m so glad Pepper Pants was there because she made me laugh at all the scary parts so I didn’t have to be scared.

All in all, I’d say- go see it!


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