I go through blog reading phases.  There was the adoption blog phase, the craft blog phase, and most recently- the travel blog phase.  One of my favorites it The Professional Hobo- it chronicles Nora’s adventures accross the world.  She has no permanent address and an job that is done almost exclusively online. WILD.

She wrote an article recently called “The Reverse Bucketlist.” I have a fairly specific bucket list… things on it include becoming Christian Yoga Teacher Certified and working at a hostel. The concept of a Reverse Bucket list is to look back and see all the awesome things you’ve already done! Here are some ideas the article gives to get you started:

  • Achievements or awards you’ve received
  • Fears you’ve conquered
  • Careers you’ve had
  • Friends you’ve made and people you’ve met
  • Places you’ve traveled to
  • Anything that’s worthy of a story you tell other people
  • Goals and milestones you reached
  • Childhood dreams (no matter how silly in retrospect) you achieved
  • Bizarre or fun things that have happened to you or that you’ve done 

Here’s my very own Reverse Bucket List:

1. I played with baby tigers and baby lions!

2. I went to Africa. 3 times.

3. Partied with the Greeks on Easter

4. Snorkeled in Hawaii

5. Jesus healed me of a brain cyst.

6. Prayed with Lou Engle for college campuses.

7. Ran a 5k

8. Kissed the Blarney Stone

9. Jumped off a cliff

10. Realized that my parents were a lot wiser than I gave them credit for.

11. Went to college out of state and- most importantly- BECAME A SUN DEVIL!

12. Moved to California

13. Prayed for Sex Trafficing to end in America & saw Craigslist change their policy shortly after. (Craziest experience of my life.)

14. Shot a shot gun…and cried about it.

15. Was a Resident Assistant. Yelled at NBA players, cried with students, made great friends.

16. Experienced the fullness of Disney World like a million times.

17. Dressed up like a cow and plunged into a crowd of hundreds by myself

17. Prayed for a stranger

18. Stood in line for a million hours on Black Friday

18. Got baptized AND got to help baptize my sisters!

…and many more…

I would love love love to hear your list! Or hear things that I might have missed…

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