day in the life: 6.8.12

Today was a full day of celebration! Here’s the scoop, hour by hour:

9:30a Wake up & shower.

10:30a Head to the Doctor. My eyes have been bothering me. Enjoy a mamba while waiting & get some eye drops. (after TWO urgent cares wouldn’t take my amazing insurance. Annoying.)


11:30a Wait 10,000 years for my prescription. Given prescription by lady wearing extreme sequins and a side pony.

11:45: Head to Dutch Bros. Order my standard: Medium Iced Coffee with coconut syrup, cream, and sugar. All for $2.25


12:00pm Head to Davis for the DCF End of the Year BBQ. Participate in a 3 legged race & a Balloon Toss. Lose miserably at both.


1:50p Witness Sarah & Marina get water baptized in the middle of an apartment complex. Really cool!


2:00p Take this very epic group photo on the playground


3:00p Decide to go get Boba, head to Trader Joes to get cash. Eat samples & have an extensive convo with the cashier about his recent move and fuel efficient car.

3:25p Thai tea at Old Teahouse. Great conversation. Hilarious Asain music videos on 19 screens.

3:45p Walk around & chat with the fab Alyssa. I love her. Have such a laugh about this girl’s vest. It was hot out, she was wearing a fleece vest. Reminded of this scene from Mean Girls (She was one of those “Do you have a minute to save baby seals?” people.) Maybe you had to be there- let me tell you the story some time.

5:10p Drop Alyssa off at work

6p Come home, respond to some emails. Chat with Lori.

7p Make grilled cheese & baked zuchini fries


11p crash because I am EXHAUSTED! Good night!

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