I met this strange little man today. Through the course of a very strange conversation, I found out that his daughter had studied Russian at Arizona State in the 80s. My heart leapt when he said that and I blurted out, “I LOVE Arizona State!” He said to me, “Now I don’t have a clue what love is, but you say you love a place- I’m not sure you can love a place.”

When I got home, I was thinking about that. Could I love a place? Could I be IN LOVE with place? I started thinking about how every time I am on campus, I feel like everyone is my best friend. I feel like I own the place. I have a story about every brick & mall & building. I love being there. I burst into tears- I am sure you can love a place.

I started to pray for the campus. My prayers are almost always the same: Jesus be with the lonely in every dorm room, saturate every portion of campus, send rain to the desert….and this is what came out…it’s loosely based on our fight song. (If you have thoughts, be gentle. It feels sort of vulnerable to share this.)

Fight Song

There is a place where
He says, “Don’t ever yield.”
Even when it’s hard,
even when the ground is dry,
even when all seems lost.

A place where
He outshines all others.
That is the focus,
the hope,
the goal.

His voice echoes from the buttes,
“I’ve come. I’m here. I’m coming.”

He says, “Fight for the Old Maroon.”
Hands & feet, brothers & sisters:
You’re ready.

It’s time
And it’s onward to victory.

One thought on “ONWARD TO VICTORY

  1. Erica Parsons

    beautiful! Arizona is not my place, but that song brought tears to my eyes… keep pursuing Him my beautiful friend and the place that you love will come into alignment with His kingdom…

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