As you may or may not know, this little blog is called “This is my life…” because I like to chronicle every weird bit of my life.  This post starts a series called “This is YOUR Life” and lets some fabulous people in my life share a corner of theirs. NOW WITH OUT FURTHER ADO….

My friend Marina is a rare one.  She is a complete answer to prayer in my life. We have these like crazy Holy-Spirit-Adventures,-And we can also watch Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami for 4+ hours. Oh she is also an excellent garage sale-er. This girl is the straight up REAL DEAL! For the last 10 months, Marina’s been working with the Origins Missions Base. It’s a 10 month intensive internship through Origins @ UCSD (A Chi Alpha Campus ministry).  Here’s how they describe it:

“The Origins Regional Missions Base is a 10-month experience to develop and deploy lovers of Jesus that will live naturally supernatural in whatever context God sends them into. We desire to raise-up a generation of supernaturalists that will go and infiltrate the 7 culture shapers: Art & Entertainment, Media, Business, Education, Family, Government, & Church. The ultimate goal is for base participants to engage with the culture being established here at UCSD through Origins and to then export it into any context, whether it is the marketplace, the nations, or vocational ministry.”

AKA They want you to live your life FOR JESUS in a COOL way in a superNATURAL context. You do the internship + are encouraged to have a part time job. Base is GREAT for those in transition from one season to the unknown. It’s a program I would HIGHLY recommend & the deadline to apply is coming up. (JULY 1st!) Ok I’m going to stop typing now and let Marina explain her experience and why you should do it too….

In Marina’s own words:

The Missions Base at UC San Diego has completely changed my life. I was unsure what I was going to do post graduation from UC Davis and had considered going to Mexico to work at an orphanage but I felt God calling me to spend 10 months in San Diego. By saying yes, I have been able to establish and solidify roots in my identity. I have learned what life is like not being an orphan – full of abundance, friendship and encounters with the Father. Instead of waking up everyday living in fear of not having enough, I know that I am well provided for- there is no lack in the kingdom. And most recently, I’ve begun to see restoration within my family and healing which I believe is a result of knowing who I am as a daughter.

            In one of our books we read for internship, the topic of community was discussed. Graham Cooke stated, “We need our companions to speak into our future destiny. Someone needs to see the treasure and not just the earthen vessel.” It has been so important having people in my life constantly speaking truth and calling out the gold in my life. For the first time, I feel safe to be vulnerable and can trust the people in my life. As a result of my vulnerability, I have been able to receive so much freedom because I have let others in my life to help me remind myself of who I am.

            At the end of the day, I am not going lie and say everything has been 100% smooth sailing. It has been hard. It’s hard to completely change thoughts of an orphan—not good enough, worthy enough or important.  What I am sure of, however, is that since moving into a spiritual family and saying yes to them, I have been surrounded by the greatest family I could have dreamed of. What did I do to deserve this kindness and love? Not a damn thing. Yep, I said it. I didn’t do anything. I simply listened to Father God when He whispered in my ear and told me to move. I struggled and I fought, yes, but I am thankful daddy talks, that I get a choice to listen and I get to partner with Him and declare truths over myself …everyday!

            I can say confidently say that I will never be the same. My family relationships, friendships and relationship with Father God have radically changed as I continue going from glory to glory and I believe that this experience is for you, your mom and your grandmother. AMEN.




Basically, I wanted to bold the whole thing…. I can tell you that Marina is a different person. She almost glows. It was there all along, but Jesus used these 10 months to pull it out. The spiritual family that the Ormes have created in this Missions Base is a unique thing and SO STINKING BIBLICAL! If your heart is for community, changing the world, people- this is the thang for you! (Yes- I said thang!) Plus you get to live in SAN DIEGO! aka Paradise! If this sounds like something you’d like to do, you can check out their website:

or the Base Promo vid here. 

I know that Marina would be more than happy to connect with you and let you know more if you’re interested. Let me know & Ill connect you. I think there might be one or two of you reading this that know this is what you’re supposed to do. Take the plunge! Apply today! 



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