I spend a good deal of time making fun of sustainability and the godfather of sustainability, Al Gore.

I don’t do it because I, like, hate the earth or something. I just think Al Gore is hilarious. I think the clipboard “Do you have a moment for the environment?” people are hilarious. Like I love that you are really passionate about baby seals. It’s just not my deal. I’ll repent now.

Coincidentally, my prestigious Alma Mater, Arizona State is like OBSESSED with sustainability. They will stick solar panels on your back if you stand in one place too long. We have this bomb School of Sustainability that is always getting recognized. Recently the UN (Yes as in the UNITED NATIONS) named the dean of the School of Sustainability a “CHAMPION OF THE EARTH.

I picture the dean something like this:

He actually looks like this:

His name is Professor van der Leeuw, and it turns out he’s done some pretty cool research in sustainability. I am excited for him because he is repping the maroon and gold. Here’s a chunk of the article:

“His work focused on bringing a long-term perspective to the problems of present-day desertification and land degradation, observing how changes in the natural environment are linked to technological, sociological and economic changes.”

One thing I’m passionate about is passionate people. So you go, Prof van der Leeuw. You are a Champion of the Freaking Earth!


PS: U of A- do you have any champions of the earth? Cool. Let me know when you do something with your life. (Jk, kind of)

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