I am constantly imagining fun theme parties I could throw. I love party planning details and dressing up. I think the best memories are made this way! Luckily (blessedly?), I’m going to get to help plan fun things for ASU Chi Alpha so I might actually get to do some of them.

Here is my list of ideas so far:


Dress code:90s, neon, fanny packs, splatter paint on your clothes.
Activities:Eat fun food, reminisce about the 90s, watch an excellent TGIF line up: Full House, Family Matters, etc. Trivia & discussion between shows for PRIZES!


Dress code:Camp clothes- athletic, bandanas, canteens attached to your belt loop.
Activities:Upon entry, you get a team color for color wars. There are different ways to earn points for your team & prizes. There will also be a station to send a post card to your mom. The competition would culminate in a huge capture the flag game. End it with a camp fire. Make s’mores & edible campfires.

3. After school special party

Dress code:Pig tails, overalls, Velcro shoes, animal shaped barrettes, super hero shirts, etc.
Activities:Eat at the milk & cookie buffet. Hop scotch, side walk chalk, and jump rope. Jumping off swings competition. Nostalgic books around to chat about. Trace your body on butcher paper & decorate. Finger paint. Juice boxes & orange slices. Play Hot Lava.

4. Teen Movie Prom Party

(Note: You know how in every teen movie there is like a totally unrealistic prom scene? That’s what this is based on.)
Dress Code:Horrible prom dresses/tuxes and/or chaperone costumes.
Activities:DANCING. Awkward prom photo booth. Punch in a punch bowl. Choreographed dance competition. Prom Queen & King crowning. Late night food after party, wearing prom clothes.

That’s all I have for right now. Feel free to steal any and all of my ideas- just send me an invite, k?

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