This photo is from a Christmas when I got super sick. I had this insane migraine (this is another crazy story for another day…) and my dad took care of me.

I have great memories of my dad taking us to Saturday morning basketball practices and letting us run around the high school gym.

He loves my mom very very much.

Sometimes, when the whole family was in the car, he would pretend he didn’t know where our house was and pull into all the different driveways on our block while my sisters and I shrieked with laughter. Don’t even get me started on hilarious bed time stories…

He always wants the very best for us and he works hard to give it to us. (One time he drove me to the mall at like 8pm because I HAD to have this Gap sweatshirt.) I think my dad is the smartest, most creative person in the whole world- and I get to have him in my family!


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