I do every thing in my life in some form of extremes- whether that’s good or bad. Weirdly- I tend to EXTREMLY sympathize with movies, tv shows, popular culture. So here’s my list of things that I irrationally stress out about even though they will never happen to me:

1. Being a teen mom.

I’m not a teen anymore, so I will never be a teen mom. When ever I watch Teen Mom or Juno, I still stress about how I would tell my mom and how I would take care of the baby.

2. What I would pack to Coachella.

I didn’t have tickets or plans to go to the music festival, but that didn’t stop me from googling “What to pack to Coachella.” I like to be really prepared for things I go to and Coachella seems almost impossible to prepare for! The dress code is like adorable Indie chic, but how are you supposed to work a backpack full of water bottles into that equation? Stressful!

3. How I would get off the Titanic

Would I go the route of the old couple and just go to sleep? Would I fight to be one of the women or children on a boat? Would I just jump? I know it doesn’t really matter but….I still think about it.

4.Would I have stood up for civil rights in the 60s?

This one is a little more serious. I know it’s easy to look back and think that you WOULD have stood by African Americans- but would I have? I hope that I have the character to stand up for the mistreated and laws that are just plain wrong- but do I? On top of that- would I have been on the British side during the Rev war? Or the Union? So many questions!

5. What I would do if I ended up in jail.

You how on like EVERY SHOW (Saved by the Bell, Boy Meets World, etc) they end up in jail for a night or so? That led me to believe that everyone kind of ends up in jail at some point. I realize that most people will never see the inside of a cell, but I still think about it!

There you have it- my irrational & weird fears. Do you have any? Or am I all alone??

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