I’ve been noticing lately my natural
attraction to college students. I have a radar for them. It’s easy for me to enter into conversation with them.

I DO NOT feel this way around high school or middle school students- I am so intimidated by them and their trends! (Plus I feel old because I’m always talking about how One Direction needs hair cuts.)

Sometimes it’s easy to think that I just stumbled upon working with Chi Alpha. Maybe I just got to a certain place and decided it was a nice enough spot to camp out for a while. I mean- doesn’t interacting with college students come easy to everyone? No. It doesn’t. Doesn’t it just MAKE SENSE that we would invest in our college students because they are the future of the revival of the nations? Probably.

But I am pretty certain I am called to them because these things don’t come easy to everyone. Most people would not dress up as a cow (complete with udders) to invite students to a party. I’m not trying to toot my own horn- let me get to my point.

Some times our calling might be right in front of our face- it’s just so much a part of who we are and what we do, that it might be hard to get perspective and see its value. Some of you might be really organized and think that is not a gift. LET ME TELL YOU- IT IS! I do not possess it! Some of you might be really great at like math & accounting or like botany or what ever- that is a gift the Lord has given you! And you are responsible for using it for Him! Your life calling might be hiding right in front of you.

Be encouraged! Now go change the world!

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