The Four Corners of the Internet v1

Here’s a hodge podge of things Ive found across the internet recently…

1-Bra Giveaway Now that I am a member of the blog-o-sphere, I’m going to let you know about another blog I adore- Taylor’s Our Military Home.

“But Katie,” you say, “You are not in any way, shape, or form connected to the military or even a specific home. Why do you read this blog?”

Several reasons- Taylor is super smart & honest, she posts about interesting topics, AND I never know when I’m going to get into a convo with a “MilSpouse” as they say. She’s doing a give away right now on her blog- a full figure bra from Leading Lady. (Mom- you can enter! All you need is an email addy. They won’t send you anything!)

2- Ryan Gosling
So 90s. So adorable.

3- Justin doing stuff
I love all the randomness that tumblr brings the Internet. This is one of my faves: a tumblr of a J Biebz cut out…doing…stuff.

4- This comment.
This blog I was reading is a little bit too embarrassing to share, but I did find this little gem in the comment section.


The end! Find anything interesting on the Internet lately?

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