I missed last week, and I’m so glad to be back with High Five for Friday! It has been a crazy last week and I’m MOVING to ARIZONA in a matter of days! Ah! Here is what has filled up my last little bit:

1. Spending time with this cutie! In the last week, we’ve eaten froyo, chips, dip, twizzlers, and donuts. She’s my sweet tooth pal, and I sure will miss her!

2. The Dance Recital Dress Rehersal So cute! I will miss their recital and this was a perfect substitution. Β They are fabulous ballerinas!

3. Lake Berryessa! It’s only like 30mi from where I live and I saw it the last week I was here! Beautiful!

4. Sending off the fearless travelers! They are gone for the summer and I got to go drop ’em off at the airport. Β They are doing BIG (secretish) things this summer!

5. THE BEST BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP! It was from Grilla Bites in Redding. OH-EM-GEE the buttery goodness in this squash soup! Delish!

Ok gotta get back to packing!

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