I missed last week, and I’m so glad to be back with High Five for Friday! It has been a crazy last week and I’m MOVING to ARIZONA in a matter of days! Ah! Here is what has filled up my last little bit:

1. Spending time with this cutie! In the last week, we’ve eaten froyo, chips, dip, twizzlers, and donuts. She’s my sweet tooth pal, and I sure will miss her!

2. The Dance Recital Dress Rehersal So cute! I will miss their recital and this was a perfect substitution.  They are fabulous ballerinas!

3. Lake Berryessa! It’s only like 30mi from where I live and I saw it the last week I was here! Beautiful!

4. Sending off the fearless travelers! They are gone for the summer and I got to go drop ’em off at the airport.  They are doing BIG (secretish) things this summer!

5. THE BEST BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP! It was from Grilla Bites in Redding. OH-EM-GEE the buttery goodness in this squash soup! Delish!

Ok gotta get back to packing!

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