Yesterday, I drove 777.7 miles from Woodland, CA to Tempe, AZ.  I lived in Northern California for 1 year & 11 months, and now I get to come to my fav place and work on my fav campus with my fav people! On my drive, I listened to 2 audio books: Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) and Tina Fey’s Bossypants. (Yes, I realize these are basically the same book.)

In Mindy’s book, she mentions something called the “Irish Exit”- when you leave a party and don’t tell anyone.   I had no idea this was a practice with a NAME!  I am somewhat notorious for Irish Exits. In true Katie Cannon fashion, I do not limit my self just to parties. I did it at my summer job a few times- I just didn’t really tell anyone it was my last day except the people who needed to know.  When I moved to CA, it was such a whirlwind I just…barely said goodbye to anyone.  When people asked me when I was moving, I would kind of laugh and give a vague answer.  It was so bad- people came to my house and demanded to say goodbye.

It’s a weird practice.  Leaving CA, I realized how messed up it is.  Part of it is fear of the awkward.  Another part is thinking “Well I am I really worth saying ‘goodbye’ too?” or “Was I a good friend? Do you think we’re friends? Because I do but if you don’t then this is weird” or “Does anyone care that I’m leaving?” This is messed up thinking, folks.

This time- I said goodbye.  The Klier’s threw me a party, and people actually came! My church prayed for me so hard that I felt like I needed a nap afterwards.  I got to say goodbye to people.  I even said goodbye to the dudes at my favorite Dutch Bros.  I was addicted to saying goodbye. Was it kind of awkward sometimes? Sure.  Was it totally worth it to “leave well”? YES YES YES&AMEN! Sometimes it’s hard to hear that people care about you.  Once I got over that, it was one of my most encouraging weeks…ever!Full of presents & meaningful conversation & tears.

It’s still debatable if I will continue to use this tactic at parties. I like to go to bed early and avoid 20 minute goodbyes when I’m ready to go to sleep.

So goodbye, dear readers,  Thank you SO much for reading my blog! I hope we can see each other again when I find something weird on the internet and post again.  BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “THE IRISH EXIT

  1. dearolympia

    I don’t tell people when I come home because I hate not having time to see them. I hate goodbyes and usually just give a quick hug because it’s too painful to how how I really feel about coming back to MD. You aren’t the only one

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