The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind…and I don’t quite have internet yet. I will update on my 700+ mile journey from Sac to Phx later. For now, let’s talk 4th!

My day started out with brunch with my sisters. Everyone else had the same idea as us…so everywhere was packed.

(SIDE NOTE: I LOVE BRUNCH! I love lunch but I REALLY LOVE brunch.)

We left the first place because it was too busy & it was going to rain on our heads, the second place because it smelled like tofu, and ended up at The Breakfast Club in Scottsdale. None of us had been there before & wanted to try it.

The Guido Host told us it would be a 35-45min wait. He was super stressed. We put our name down and since it was such a long wait, we decided to walk to Sprinkles to get a free cupcake & then walk back. While we were gone, they called our name. Whoops… We waited 20 more minutes while enjoying excellent Scottsdale-status people watching. (Small dogs, fake lips, etc) Another interesting thing about the 4th of July is that all the kids look adorable- flag printed dresses, red white & blue shorts- while the adults look crazy. People seem to just pull random shades of Red, White, & blue & throw them together.


Bets had the chocolate chip pancakes (classic), Maggie had the breakfast burrito(classic), and I had bacon, eggs, & toast(random, but random is classic for me so classic). Everything was delicious and garnished with fresh fruit!

The best part was their iced coffee! It was infused with caramel & hazelnut- SO GOOD. (It tasted like really good Dunkin Donuts coffee.)

We spent the day swimming, eating, laughing, playing, and seeing friends! We watched the Tempe fireworks, witnessed a security guard on a search, and I recited 1/3 of the Gettysburg Address & All of the Preamble to the Constitution to the cheers of drunk people. God Bless America.


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