1. The wedding of a fabulous friend- I am still just so happy for her! It was a beautiful wedding with lots of friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

Tempe Center for the Arts is a GORGEOUS place for a wedding.

2. Spending time with my sisters I love love love living near them. They are so hilarious and understand my movie quotes and let me use their keurig.

3. New bedroom furniture! My room is still a work in progress but the furniture was a cross country team effort! I love it. And I have a trundle…so can you say SLEEPOVERS?!?!

4. The Bachelorette I love watching shows with other people and getting to watch it with people I hadn’t seen in so long was so fun! I can’t wait for the finale!

5. FREE HAIR CUT! I love AZ for their awesome free haircuts.  I’ll write soon about how I snagged a $60 hair cut for free from an awesome salon. 

6. (BECAUSE I CAN BREAK THE RULES IF I WANT) Ladies Night with my church. Yummy treats & AMAZING coconut iced chai combined with discussion on using influence for good. We don’t have to nag or be too insecure about our influence as women. I’ve been thinking about it all week.

7. (SEE #6) New workout routine! Thanks to Betsy the Workout Buddy, I’m getting my booty to the gym and LIKING IT! Here’s to a healthy lifestyle! Inspired also by Marina. 

As you can see, the theme is ARIZONA. SO so SO happy to be here!

Linking up with Lauren at From My Gray Desk.


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