I love getting things for free- especially expensive things.  I’m still trying to figure out how often a normal person gets a haircut.  I think the consensus is every 6-8 weeks…that seems often to pay between $35-$50 to get a chop.  (Or to pay $15 to Supercuts and hate your life.) I started looking for ways to get free haircuts- here’s my guide to save you some cash money!

1. Start by checking  Under the “Services” section there is a “Beauty” portion.  Look for posts that mention being a “hair model” or a complimentary hair cut.  Some of these will be hair schools, some will be stylists interviewing for a position at a salon, and some will be stylist training programs at fancy salons.  The best one to get is the stylist interviewing- they are highly motivated to give you a hair cut you love and to teach you how to style it.  The hair schools are the riskiest because they are still in school.

2. Be prepared to go at a weird time and for it to take a long time. Often they have to have a consultation with their instructor/frequent status checks.  This process can get held up if the instructor is with an actual client.  Also, they want to do a good job, so they are going to check it like crazy.

3. If you can’t find one on Craigslist, start calling high end salons/beauty schools.  Many of them have training nights where they need hair models or they have continuing education for existing stylists.  It can be hard to find “normal” models and to find a friend that needs a hair cut.  Ask to be put on a list. Be polite and understanding.

4. Be flexible.  They may need to do a specific cut or ask a lot of questions or not want to take a risk.  Remember, you are getting this for free. You should be vocal about what your expectations are, but be willing to work with the poor girl.

5. Tip them something. Because it’s the decent thing to do- they just spent a lot of time with you.  $3-$5 is probably appropriate. But I think tipping is so confusing so do what ever you want.

6.  You may have more or less success depending on what city you live in.  Sacramento was WAY more difficult to find free haircuts…they seem to be more plentiful in Phoenix.

I’ve only had one bad experience with a free hair cut.  The stylist was going for a precision cut and made me look like a medieval friar.

Just this week, I got a hair cut at a high end salon that charges $65 as their base price.  I got my hair cut at the most expensive salon in Sacramento and the girl even bought me coffee. I did the girl a favor and got a quality hair cut- sounds awesome to me! I’ve also gotten free color and waxing using this technique.

 Let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to know if you get your cut for free!!



  1. dearolympia

    These are great tips especially since I have up box coloring but really need to have my hair colored again. I’m having box color withdrawls!

    • ktcannon

      Oooh! yes I have had really good luck with free all over color! I always get yelled at by hairstylists about box colors because of all of the chemicals. But it’s SO much cheaper…makes it very tempting.

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