The Four Corners of the Internet v2

Here are several weird things I’ve come accross on the internet lately:

1. The Spitting Ibex

I’m not sure if this is a common thing to be stressed out about, but few things stress me out more than someone saying “Hey let me show you this HILARIOUS youtube video!” I feel all of this pressure to laugh and, frankly, it takes a lot of emotional energy for me to pretend to think that a sneezing panda is HILARIOUS. Please don’t judge me.

THAT BEING SAID…i did LOL at this video this week:

2. Momsicles

Since I’ve been into making popsicles lately, I came across this website with directions on how to turn your breast milk into popsicles. Sick. For directions, go here.

3. Kanyed By the Bell is one I discovered long ago. It combines my favs- Kanye West & Saved by the Bell.

4. @Caryprobz

A twitter account all about things from Cary, IL 60013. This is probably only funny to people from my hometown of Cary, but I can’t stop laughing about it. I’m sure if you’re from a small town, you understand and love the quirks of small town living.

2 thoughts on “The Four Corners of the Internet v2

    • ktcannon

      Hahahah This is a semi judgement free zone. Don’t worry Jordan, if you are making them in a few years, I won’t say anything….in person. But I will tweet about you.

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