The Four Corners of the Internet v3

Rando things I have found on the internet.

1. Count Me Healthy Bracelets

Lauren Conrad- my fave- posted on her her blog about these really cute Count Me Healthy bracelets.  They have beads on them that you can use to track health goals AND they are really cute! The $88 price tag has my DIY wheels spinning…. maybe I’ll win Lauren’s giveaway!

2. Coachella Rumors Swirling

This morning I saw Hipster Runoff had tweeted that Coachella may be cancelled for next year? Who knows, but they are making a big announcement tomorrow at 6pm. Perhaps I won’t have to stress about what to pack any more….

3. This Picture

Oh there is no limit to the part I would have…. Posted by Afternoon Snooze Button

4. MTV’s “Friendzone”


Ok I realize that this is not technically on the internet…and I have been informed by my sisters that I am “way behind” with this one. Sue me. It’s hilarious and awkward and makes me uncomfortable to watch. Probably says more about me than the show.  Essentially, it’s about someone confessing that they have a crush on a friend.  Go here to watch a particularly awk clip.


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