There are many things that stress me out. Here is a small list:

1. Tom & Jerry Cartoons. 

Or really any cartoon where someone gets repeatedly hurt/destroys things

2. That scene from Meet The Parents where he sets the house on fire

Again, destruction is very stressful to me

3. When someone on a show/movie sings a touching solo and is nervous

This one is hard to explain.  In many shows from my youth, there comes an episode where  a character needs to preform in a talent show or burger shack opening. I feel nervous for them and awkward and…ahh it’s the worst.

4. When Lauren ruins her dress in Paris

On the best show in the universe, The Hills, Lauren is interning for Teen Vouge.  She gets a second chance to go to Paris (don’t even get me started on the first time…) and is given a designer gown to wear. SHE RUINS THE GOWN WITH A CURLING IRON! I realize this was probably set up by producers…but STILL!


Betsy and I have had many discussions about the casting decisions for this commercial.  I should probably write a whole post about it. Like were they TRYING to cast some one who was awkward/dorky/relatable? I feel like this girl still goes to band camp and wears tshirts with rubiks cubes on them from Kohls or something. (Sorry if that was way harsh).  The worst part is at the very end where she does the squinty-smile-hello. SO AWK & STRESSFUL!

6. When the car goes through the window at the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Cameron is going to get in HUGE trouble! AHHHHHH! STRESS!

7. Animals

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… they are unpredictable and they breath on you. Terrifying.


That is all for now…many many more to come…

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