I think that your google search results are very revealing.  I like to share those on instagram, usually. (katiecannonnn).  Lately they have been more embarrassing/too boring so I haven’t been sharing. I do think it’s hilarious what YouTube seems to think that I am interested in.

What does it say about me that YouTube recommended:

7 Worship videos (Bethel, IHOP, & The Torwalts)

3 Beauty Tutorials (I love Katie from The Small Things blog.)

1 Interview with Anna Wintour (Major. part 2- if you haven’t seen The September Issue by now….you should.  You have no excuse. It’s on Netflix.)

1 Drake song (OMG. Love. Jimmy. Wonderful. Marry me.)

1 Kardashian interview. (I don’t care what you say- I love them and I will not apologize.)

1 Funny “People Say” video.


This may be a better biography than I could ever write for myself. I will leave it at that.


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