1. Froyo with Abbylicious

Is there something about froyo that just means fun + good conversation + great? I love hanging out with Abby. She is just a fun person to be around. Also we had this really bonding experience with the other customers over this lady who decided to bring her DOG into the FROYO PLACE! (I still can’t believe her!)

2. Sbux with Miss Rachael

Rachael is one of those people who I feel so comfortable around.  I had the pleasure of having coffee with her on Thursday after not seeingher for probably 2 years. I know she isn’t going to judge me and is also going to have a well thought out opinion on realty TV. We live close now so I hope this is the beginning of lots more fun.

3. Pogo Pass!

Ok if you are living in AZ- YOU NEED ONE! My sisters & I have them (Thanks, Mag!) and we planned our first few outings.  If you use the code 12SharePogo, you can get one for $29. (This isn’t a referral thing- I’m giving you the code out of the goodness of my heart.) The pass gets you into a handful of Diamond Backs games, ASU Athletics, the Zoo, Big Surf, and more! For $29! Like you get to do all of that stuff! What a deal! Oh and paintball & laser tag & Jump Street! Let me know if you get one, and we can go together!

4. A Post Card from a friend!

Oh Miss Genevra- you are awesome! I love getting mail and this was  a hilarious & heartfelt postcard! Also- Jenni is raising support to do her Chi Alpha internship at University of Virginia! If you want to throw some $$’s her way, you can give to her here. Trust me- it’s a good investment.

5. Finding this video

It’s like embarrassing how similar this is to my life/how I talk

[youtube http://youtu.be/xE6P_wn46L0]

Happy Friday! Next week looks like it’s going to be a fun week! My parents are coming to town & I’m also heading to CA! Yay Weekend!

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