Four Corners of the Internet v4

1. Shwings

I read about these on Kandee Johnson’s blog. They are these adorable wings you add to your shoes! I know that they are semi pointless, but aren’t they kind of fun? You can buy them here for about $7.

2. Friends of a Certain Age

Why is it Hard to Make Friends Over 30?

I saw a few sassy ladies post this article from the New York Times on fb, and it’s an interesting read for those post college.

3. @Cheesecasadia

A HI- LARIOUS twitter sent to me by Miss Abby. Seriously. Simply put, their bio says “I Retweet Stupid People.) .Follow them now

4. This weirdo photo of a terrible tattoo

(It may be border line offensive, so it’s after the jump.)

I was doing a Google image search for like… “Go” or something…and I stumbled upon this gem.


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