I realized that school is right around the corner! ASU starts in approxamatly 30 days! That means even less time until I’m inviting, contacting, partying with, and inviting (said that 2x on purpose) new students to Chi Alpha! Whoa!

With that, I thought today’s Tunes could have a summer theme, starting with the obvious choice: Summer Girls by LFO. At the heart, this song is about a poor young man with a stomach that can’t handle Chinese food and enjoys 90s TV but is in love with a girl, kind of. Sigh…..summer love.


There’s also the classic”Summertime” from Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff.


Do you have a song that reminds you of summer? Let me know! I’m a sucker for a good summer jam!


PS: I also remember Sisqo’s “Thong Song” being a very popular summer song.  I’m not posting it for (hopefully) obvious reasons. But please read these comments from the song’s youtube page.


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