1. After church lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen. Delish & great company. The guy who served us knew lots of people we knew! That was a bonus.

2. Volley Ball with XA. I think this was the most athletic I’ve been in 10 years. I played vball for like 30 minutes. Hahah

3. THE FIRST CHI ALPHA! I love this night! So many new faces that will be friends in just a few weeks! Even though my sisters say I have a weird accent when I do announcements (A combo of Canadian-Californian-Southern- and Weird.)

4. Sun Devil Sweet Treat! I love ANYTHING ASU and Mag scooped up this treat for me at Wally World! What a fun sister!

5. ASU WINS!!!!!! We tied the record for highest scoring game.  I’m actually kind of bitter that we even left them score once. Over all, I think our new coach did a great job. My fav Coach Graham quote was something to the effect of “The officials commented on the great conduct of our team on the field.  That means as much to me as a win.”

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This Wednesday was our first Chi Alpha weekly meeting. (It was a total blast! Indian, Chinese, American students from all backgrounds…wow. Read about it here)

We decided to have a little welcome gift for new students, and I thought I’d share it here.

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1. Mini Bike- Seriously, how weird is this?

2. An ASU student was kicked off a plane because of his shirt.

I came across this article about Arijit Guha.  Guha wore a shirt on to a plane that said “Terrorists Gonna Kill Us All.”  He thought it was  “a very American idea to speak up and dissent when you think people’s rights are being violated.” They kicked him off because they thought it was making other people feel unsafe.  Thoughts?

3.  High School Fads, Circa 1944

How funny is this?

[via A.S.B.]

4. Am I Pretty?

This is a really great post by a great writer. (Oh and If you’re wondering, she’s actually SUPER pretty…like…not like “oh you’re pretty on the inside”- like actually very pretty. Haha)

Hello Mornings Monday! Week 1

Let me be honest- I had a rough first week with the Hello Morning’s Challenge.  I debated not even posting today, but I figured it was the best thing to keep me accountable! [Thus the reason I’m posting about the MORNINGS challenge at NIGHT! ha] It didn’t help that the start of the challenge landed on the BUSIEST week of my whole year- ASU welcome week! All that to say, it did get me out of bed a few times this week & that’s WAY better than I had been doing!

I was feeling pretty defeated about the whole deal BUT THEN I read this line from the weekly email:

“There is no certain time you should wake up. There is no certain Bible Study you should do.
There is no certain way you should exercise. There is no certain planning formula.
There are no rules. There are no standards.
There is only one thing – Jesus.
Isn’t that the gist of this whole thing? To draw closer to Him and not focus on what I’m NOT doing?

We’re doing a study called “Kept: Secure in His Hand, Whatever I face” It’s on 1st Peter and was written by Lara Williams and Katie Orr.

I relate a great deal to Peter- he has an earnest desire to follow Jesus but sometimes gets thrown off in the moment.  He also compelled to boldness by the Holy Spirit.

I’m also doing daily exercises from “Writing to God: 40 Days of Praying with My Pen.”

I’m really enjoying this as a tool for devotional life & to practice writing.

Self Grade for Week 1: C-

Overall Impressions from Week 1: Peter is a relate-able guy that I can learn a lot from.  God is for me, not against me.  Holy Spirit wants to partner with me for the Kingdom.

Goals for Week 2: *Get up every day early

*Work out 4 days this week

*Consistently tweet to my [great!] group!


This has be a cray-zay week! [Thus the lack of posting!] Leadership retreat, welcome week, my mom left! Phewfs! I had a lot of highs this week…let’s see if I can narrow it down to 5…

1. The MU Freshman Takeover was the highlight of my life…..I wrote a bit about it on the ASU Chi Alpha Blog.  Basically, it was a big school sponsored dance party.  Chi Alpha went in & took over. We karaoke, we prayed, we met, we had awkward conversations…it was awesome!

2. Sprinkles with new friends! Obviously, Sprinkles is a big part of my life and Chi Alpha. Despite the fact that I was the BIGGEST WEIRDO the first time I met these fine people, they still some how agreed to going to In-n-Out & then Sprinkles with us. They probably came because Emily is so normal. (I will have to write about the first time we met….hahah it was very classic Katie.)

3. These cute little cards! Paige is a design genius! They have been such a huge hit on campus- everyone has a comment about them.

4. Time with my Mama before she left AZ.  She spends a month here every summer. I can’t wait until both of my parents spend 12 months of the year here! [yes I realize this is the millionth time that AJ’s coffee has made an appearance in High Five…but it’s just so yummy!]

5. Getting my photos from Jennifer Jones! A bit ago, we all had photos taken. I’m going to get cute little missionary prayer cards made and hopefully revamp my blog- these photos are a great start! Jennifer is so so so incredible- she’s a photography miracle worker.  If you need photos or want to look at phenomenal photos- check out her site! Check her out on Pinterest! Or Like her on Facebook!

Here’s to a great weekend!!!!!!

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My mom spent the last few weeks in Arizona, and it was so fun to be able to meet up with her for lunch! One day, my sister HAD to have this lotion that was only sold at a store at the Biltmore Mall.  (To be fair, I really wanted the lotion too…and we ended up walking away with the lotion, scrub, hand lotion, and body wash….) I suggested we try True Food Kitchen because it’s at the same mall and I’d read about it on Oh She Glows. (You should probably just read her post…gorgeous photos.)