West Coast Chi Alpha Staff Gathering- Part 1.

At my last UCD Chi Alpha meeting, my friend Danielle (A Chi Alpha intern-turned-staff) said to me, “I just got this picture that the next season of your life is going to be a gift- I see you opening this big present and being so excited!”  I think this word rang true this weekend in the spiritual AND the physical.

This weekend was a chance to get some teaching from top Chi Alpha leaders- and I loved every second of it! Some of my absolute HEROS were there! I’m talking about people who are walking the walk and talking the talk of the Bible in places like Berkeley, Stanford, Hawaii, UCLA, and many MANY more. Before I get ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning!

Thursday night we left around 8:30p.  I, of course, insisted on a group photo:

Everyone knows a good road trip is NOT complete with out a stop at QT for some cheap bevs. Look who we ran into:

We rolled into SoCal around 3am- exhausted but excited for what was in store for the weekend!

We woke up Friday morning on the hunt for a breakfast place. Paige was Yelping and Urbanspooning and Iphoneing away! [Side note: when I was in elementary school, we were graded on “using technology as a tool.” My sisters & I frequently use the phrase. Let’s just say, Paige gets an A++++++++++ for using technology as a tool.] She found us a place that had been on Diners, Drive ins, & Dives right near the beach. It was called “North End Caffe” and it was DELICIOUS! The highlight- BY FAR- was the ginger limeade! What a treat!

Oh and if you ever go, ask for the sauce! It’s sour cream + Tapatio + garlic + secret ingredients they wouldn’t tell me about.

We spent a bit of time at the beach where most of us got tar on our shoes! Some how I narrowly escaped the tar…but it was very sad for everyone else. Our time was brief but lovely! We had to scoot off to get registered and get ready for the evening!

When we got to the new hotel, I bypassed the registration table and went right to the pool to see my BFFS! Mercy was eating a chocolate chip cookie and it was all over her. She ran into my arms and both of us burst into laughter. She got chocolate all over me and I didn’t care! I was so so so so so so so happy to see the Kliers! When I finally got around to registration, I found out that I had two very lovely, generous, fabulous roommates who knew my beloved Marina.

That night, before Scott Martin spoke, they announced that they wanted to bless and honor someone. They had all of these really cute presents wrapped up.  I love it when people get presents & I love being a loud audience member! They called up Marc & Semra from UC Berkeley- so so so deserved.  They were students & interns @ UCD and are just…amazing.  Steadfast, sweet, dedicated, and on a TOUGH campus. I was obnoxiously excited for them.

Then Mr. E Scott Martin got up to speak.

Scott is the National Missions Director for Chi Alpha.  He happened to get his start on the very worst campus in the entire universe and beyond, The University of Arizona. (I had a hard time even typing that. Huge rival, if you can’t tell. 🙂 He is…intense. Since the West Coast is his home turf, he kept saying “You guys are family. You always speak more directly to family.”  He challenged us to live to a high standard, to confess sin quickly, and to have a vision worthy of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Whoa.

After that- it was party time! The UCLA crew who put on the conference knows how to party and how to buy snacks for a party! (Just today my sister said, “I just want to go shopping with them to see how they get snacks for a party!” ) It was such a full & fun day! Little did I know what the next day had in store……..

To be continued… Part 2

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