Things that I have found recently on the interwebs…. (or things I post here because I don’t have a Tumblr)

1. Hello Mornings Challenge

On August 20th, I’m starting the Hello Mornings Challenge.  It’s actually aimed at moms of small children, but I’m doing it anyway! It basically encourages you to get up early to spend time with the Lord & to exercize.  They send you weekly Bible readings and you get an “Accountability Captain” to encourage you and keep you on your toes! They way they keep you accountable is through social media! You post a photo or a tweet about what you’re doing- sounds perfect for me! You should do it too! There’s still time to register!!!

2. Cracked Goggles

I am completely wrapped up in Olympic Mania! USA! USA! I thought this post by Melissa @ Baby Bangs was just excellent.  A great post about challenges making us stronger. [Side note: don’t do an Google Image search for “Michael Phelps Cracked.” You will find several images of Michael Phelps’….crack.]

3. Godly Locks: Inside LA’s Bizarre Human Hair Business from The Atlantic

As someone who is fascinated with getting extensions, this article gives me reason to pause.  It’s weird. I like the way it’s written too. Take a peek!

4. These photos

Seriously! How cool!!!! Check them out!



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