I’m a bad blogger for several reasons- I missed my Friday post last week, I’m late this week, and now I’m calling attention to it.  Alas, here is my High Five for Friday!

1. Encouraging Texts! I’ve heard it said that you can never be TOO encouraged.  I think that’s right on! Grateful for encouragers in my life!

2. Last Chance! I met up with my mom at Last Chance for a shopping extravaganza.  We were there for 3hrs. Last chance is like a step below Nordstrom Rack.  You have be to careful because lots of the stuff is damaged or broken. When you find something you like though- it’s a great deal! I got a Juicy sweater for $2 and Stuart Weitzman platform sandals for $40! The same sandals are for sale from Neiman Marcus for $335!

3. MOM AND DAD! Speaking of which (or who? or whom?)- my parents are in town! There is NOTHING like having your mom make dinner or listening to your Dad’s commentary on men’s gymnastics. Love love love.

4. AZ XA meetings! It turns out we got to have meetings with Chi Alpha directors from all over the state at the BILTMORE! Super nice, super fun, and a super huge blessing.

5. AJ’s Ice Coffee. My super awesome dad brought me a huge cup of AJ’s Iced Coffee from concentrate.  If you have never had this- you need to run to the nearest AJ’s.  It is so delish! Plus it reminds me of my fabulous-world-changing-social-work-bff Brittany because we used to drink it post yoga.

Here’s to a great weekend full of lots of work for me! Should be busy but fun!!!! Any fun plans for the weekend?

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