West Coast Chi Alpha Staff Gathering- Part 3

[In case you picked this up part way through, here is part 1 & part 2]

I woke up early Sunday morning excited to worship with some XA people! Dennis Gaylor, the National Director for Chi Alpha (since 1978!!!) was in town and ready to share some wisdom later in the day.

That morning, Scott shared  more on vision and then announced that Scott & Crystal, along with Winston, and Dennis would like to pray for each one of us for 60seconds.  Many years of ministry and experience were amongst those people! It was cool.  I was in the very front. (Like as front and center as possible.) so I made it up there fairly quickly.  As they were praying for me, Scott goes, “The word for you is New Day” HAhahahahah isn’t that hilarious!? That was the same word from the day before! [Side note- I have no idea how to spell Becca’s name. It could be Bekah or Becka or something.  I can’t find her on facebook so I’m convinced she’s an angel.]

As other people got prayed for, I stood at the back and thought about how weird all of this was.  We were praying to an invisible King who we believe talks back to us and sent His son to save the Earth.  He’s 3 but 1 too. If you’ve ever been in an altar-call-type service, you should know what I mean.  It’s kind of weird if you take a step back from it or if you think about an outsiders perspective.  That is the cool and amazing thing about our Creator, though.  He communicates with each one of us, in different ways and times, and places. Plus, it’s very fun.

Any ways, that afternoon I had the absolute pleasure of going out to lunch with a group of NorCal Chi Alpha people. Glen & Paula have been at Stanford (Yes- that Stanford.  As in Chelsea Clinton, yes- that one!) for 10 years. Whoa! I asked Glen what his favorite part from his 10 years there was and he said, “The students. I love interacting with students.” I asked Paula the same question, and she had a similar answer, “I love having students in our home.” How cool. We also had an entire discussion about eating squirrel.  Ask me about it if you see me in person- hi-larious!

Also here is our chef guy- he used to work at the Mexican restaurant next door and now he works here.  He told me he was born in Tokyo with a twinkle in his eye…haha

That night was PAR-TAY at the BUIS! These people know how to throw a PARTY! The theme was 50s soda shop.  People were dressed up at the door as greeters.  We ate cheeseburgers and even got to submit our milkshake orders on these cute order forms!

Look how yummy!

Dennis shared that night an encouraging word for us- that what we were doing was important! It was a great to spend time with people who I know well and not so well but are all so dear to me.

The whole night reinforced that Chi Alpha does community well and they believe shared experiences mean deeper relationships. Winston & Kimi are professionals at this.  Every detail wasn’t just for fun- it said that they value West Coast XA.

We hit the road the next morning after a brief stop at my very fav- Panera.  (Can you tell I have lots of favs?)  We had to get back to Arizona by 5pm for meetings with the AZ XA crew.  It was a long weekend full of surprises, encouragement, and many things to process.

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