It has taken me a few days to write about this event…I think I’m still processing the hilariousness of it all.  Even today I Kent texted me:

Yeah so here’s what happened.  A group of “young adults” (hate that term, can’t think of a better one…) were going out to dinner at Olive & Ivy Sunday night.  It’s a really cool restaurant- great ambiance & great sit&chat potential.

Look at how cool the lights are:

[totally did not take this photo. it’s from their website]

We sat down and waitress hurried over.  She was bubbly! I asked her about the Watermelon Salad on the menu, and she said “Oh it’s amazing and pairs great with wine. I’m always thinking about wine. Call me a wino!” And so we did proceed to refer to her as Wino for the rest of the night.  I also complimented her on her nail color.  This is how she responded: “Oh! Thanks! I got them done at Scottsdale Nail.  It’s cheaper than Walmart and they have over 100 colors of Shellac.” Yes…she gave us a nail commercial.  She also suggested some one order a drink with bubble gum flavored vodka…but this story is not about the Wino.

For some reason, our waiter got switched shortly after our drink order was taken.  Our new waiter was a gentleman with a shaved head.  He was quiet, but in a way that made me sure that every girl in a 50 mi radius had a crush on him. Do you know what I mean, girls? Quiet with a TINY bit of a mean/standoff-ish edge/mystery?

I had just read Morgan’s Tumblr post about being nice to servers, so I said, “I just read Morgan’s Tumblr post! We should be really nice to him! Do you think he has a sister or brother?”  Well, that opened the flood gates.  With in a few minutes, we established that he had an older sister.  She probably had 2 kids. They lived either on the West side of Phoenix or in Chandler/Gilbert in a new house.  We though that he probably had a kid (I said girl, others said boy).  We were roaring with laughter at our little world we had made up for our mostly silent waiter.  Our food came & every dish looked DELICIOUS! Mag & I split the Margherita Flatbread Pizza!

Kent got the Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin- When I tasted it, I felt like I was a judge on Top Chef. It had such depth of flavor! So yummy! Betsy got the asparagus bruschetta (reportedly delicious), Jen got the Natural Chicken- it looked amazing, Ashton ordered the ravioli- that looked fabulous too! Clark was the smartest one at the table and ate half of the chicken & half of the pork!

Enough about the food, this was about our waiter’s life story.  [Keep in mind, he was a great waiter. He kept coming back & forth, filling up drinks, and checking on us while we were having this wildly loud converations]We focused on his brother in law- we were sure he was a great guy.  They went to church- some thought they were in ministry, others said marginally involved in church.  There was mention of waiter boy having a girl friend in Peru.  This was completely far fetched, but offered some spice to our story.  He was probably from the Midwest- but not the traditional Midwest.  Maybe the Dakotas or Nebraska or something.  Mostly we were invested in his sisters family and her two kids.

It came to the end of the meal and he brought us our check.  This was the moment of truth…. “So… do you happen to have any brothers or sisters?” I asked.

“I do!”


“Older. I have a sister”

We erupted! It turned out he had an older sister who was married with several kids. (More than 2, but I can’t remember the exact number)  They live in Chandler/Gilbert and go to church!

It turned out he did not have  child or Peruvian girlfriend, though he was into Latinas.  Also- he confirmed lots of girls liked him. He said the quiet thing was a “serving technique.” I was laughing so hard I was crying.

This was enough for us to be in hysterics, but then he says, “Yeah well I grew up in the Iowa, so…”

We all screamed! “We KNEW you were from the Midwest!”

I do think he was borderline creeped out by the entire experience, but he played along so well! We learned lots of things about him and his life. It turned out it was his last night working at that restaurant.  He encouraged us to check out his YouTube channel.  …which we did from our phones at the table….He even let us try to guess his name..we were vaguely successful at that.  Once we did guess his name, of course, we had to look him up on Facebook. Good ol’ Casey Bloomquist.

Wanna know something super weird, I HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS HIM!!!

We ended this creepfest, with a group photo:

Whether you think this is the creepiest post you have ever read or the most hilarious, I would encourage you to try out this activity the next time you’re at a restaurant.  It helped us make some great memories and a new friend in the process! Thanks to Casey for being such a good sport!


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