1. Olympic Nails


Has anyone else noticed that many of the Olympic athletes have a fierce nail game? Apparently, some are skipping practice for free mani’s! Check out these photos from the Wall Street Journal.

2. Angela’s August Challenge


I’m already doing Hello, Mornings! But Angela from Oh She Glows is doing an August Challenge fighting fears that looks cool! I realize we are 9 days into August- but I’m sure you could jump in now! Plus- her vegan recipes are always beyond impressive to me.

3. Bird Poop Facials


In the newest wave of weird beauty treatments, a New York spa is doing facials comprised of bird poop. It supposedly moisturizes and adds a glow. I suppose it’s better than placenta creams! Read New York mag’s article here.

4. Hello Giggles on Gluten


I love a good trend, so I certainly researched the anti gluten trend. In happy to see Hello Giggles posted the same results that I found- going gluten free is really only good for you if you have an actual allergy/sensitivity. (Hey if Gluten free is workin’ for you, you go girl. Not trying to offend.)





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