Note: I seem to know lots of people going off to do crazy things for Jesus.  I want to occasionally use this space to highlight those people and to give people a chance to be a part of history! 

Ask me about college students, and I’m going to give you an ear full about how every major spiritual awakening has happened in large part because of students. I’m going to talk to you about prayer meetings that took place in haystacks and resulted in one of the largest missionary movements America has ever seen. Today, I want to introduce you to some one who is part of that next wave of young people who is laying down their plans, hopes, dreams for the cause of the kingdom. Meet Karen:

I met Karen while I was living in Northern California. She graduated from UC Davis (smarty pants) and was involved in DCF aka Chi Alpha there. Karen is one of those people who I don’t like know her favorite food or color but I could have a really intense spiritual conversation with at any moment- does that make sense? Well Karen is going to do some NUTZO things and I asked her to share a little bit about what she was doing.  Here’s what she said:

I want to exalt Jesus in the hardest and darkest places of the world. In Africa, especially in the Congo, the church has been victim of rebel violence, where woman and children are attacked just getting water to provide for their families and churches are destroyed at the hands of wicked men.

God has sent me into Africa to love on these people with the love of Christ and to worship Him in the dark places where He is not known. Women are demoralized by Congolese rebels who abuse their bodies as a strategy of war. Orphans are taken from the streets and forced to become part of violent rebel groups. I believe that an increase in the wisdom and revelation of Jesus can transform even the hardest hearts.

I’m going to Africa because God has called me to be a deliverer to those whose lives have been destroyed by brokenness. I believe worshiping Jesus in these hard and dark places will transform the atmosphere and open the heavens to make the name of Jesus known, worshiped, and glorified.I will be worshiping with local churches who have responded to the Lord’s desire. I’m humbled that He has chosen me in my weakness to rely on His power, authority, and strength to proclaim the gospel in Africa. He longs to be with His children, and I long to be a part of the Lord’s story for these people. Jesus’ desire as He was ready to die on the cross was that His people would be with Him and the Father to see their glory.

In Kenya I will be working at a home for teenage mothers who have babies as a product of being raped by men in their villages. My team and I will be worshiping with a local church in Kenya and equipping them with new prayer and Bible study strategies. In Congo our team will be holding a month long training for pastors and worship leaders whose churches have come under attack of the rebel violence. We will be strengthening them, teaching them, and loving on them with the love of Christ. My constant reminder as I head into Africa is for Jesus to receive His desire and that His life would be glorified in mine as I continue to be a part of His work.


She needs to raise something like $4500 by like yesterday. Would you consider advancing the Kingdom of God through Karen? Any amount! I have no doubt that your investment will yield BIG returns.  Let me know if you have any ??’s!

To give, follow these instructions:

You can mail a check to:

Karen Moser
3517 E. Red Bridge Road
Kansas City, MO 64137

If you would like your donation to be tax deductible you may mail a check made out to “IHOP-KC” without my name anywhere on the check and mail it to me at the same address. For online giving1: Go to and click on the link for online giving.

2. On the next page, enter your email address and follow the instructions for online giving. (Online giving towards Luke18Project/ACTS are processed by IHOP-KC)

3. When entering your payment amount, please make sure that “Luke 18 Project” is selected as the designation. (If Luke 18 Project is not selected, the contribution will be treated as a donation to IHOP-KC. Also be sure to make a onetime donation, not recurring donations.)

4. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an email receipt. Please forward the receipt to with my name in the subject line.

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