This is going to be sort of bloggy version of the four corners….with a sprinkling of stalker. Stay with me….

1. 50 Food Truck Dates

I saw this posted on fb by a girl who lived on my floor when I was an RA. Hopefully she doesn’t think this is super creepy! Haha Anyway, she posted a blog of a girl chronicling 50 dates she will go on with different guys to different food trucks. It’s sort of based on a guy who won a year of free burritos, took a different girl out with each of the 52 coupons he received, and blogged about it. It sounds like an interesting story to follow! Can’t wait to read about her adventures!

2. Luke & Lauren’s love story.
Lauren’s Side
Luke’s Side

I love reading love stories & this pair is especially sweet. Lauren’s is the very sweet, romantic version. Luke’s is the hilarious and still romantic version. Worth the read even if
you don’t know them! (Hopefully
you guys don’t think this is creepy! I just laughed so hard at Luke’s “digging her chili” phrase I couldn’t resist posting!)

3. Lifesize Barbie Dream House Birthday

First of all- can someone invite me to a party like this blog posts? They are all so beautiful!

For this party, they created an entire Barbie dream house out of PAPER and CARDBOARD! It’s so amazing! I love the cookie favors!

4. “A little reminder” – From My Grey Desk


This post is a sweet story & a great reminder.

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