International Students & Ice Cream

Yesterday, I got to go help with an Ice Cream Social for International Students put on by CORA.  IT WAS SO FUN! Of course, there were not with out interesting experiences.  First things first, we got to debut our new shirts that Paige  designed.  Here’s Betsy modeling them:

SO CUTE! They looked awesome!

We had these cool bags to give out with “American” treats- candy, mac & cheese, and some info about our upcoming events courtesy of XAi! (It should also be stated that I was asked about the Hunger Games & Call Me Maybe.  This is what the world thinks about America, people.)

Everyone we met was crazy SMART. I’m talking they took the GRE in ENGLISH to get into some TOP programs at ASU. Can you imagine? Electrical engineers, Computer Scientists, Designers….from all around the world!

Somehow, Jen & I (You may know her as D’Jen), started asking people questions that followed the format of “If you could be any _______, what would you be?”

Blanks included: animal, weather. building. ice cream, fruit.

Answers included: Lion, wind, Statue of Liberty, black currant, and melon. (We didn’t know black currant ice cream was a thing either! or that people liked melon for real!) Mango was also a popular answer, and I LOVE the way people from India say “mango”- it’s so exotic!

For some reason, we started calling it the “lightening round” and doing this weird spastic dance when we asked students.  One kid told us we looked like police directing traffic. One student asked us if we were trying to dance like Shakira. I replied, “Yes, and my hips don’t lie.” It was lots of fun and it helped us meet lots of people, even if they thought we were slightly crazy. (My sister said I actually scared a girl from screaming.)

At another point, I was chatting with a girl from China and there were two other Asian guys standing there. I asked the girl how long she had been learning English.  She’d been studying for 12 years! I asked the next boy- he said 6 years.  I asked the 3rd boy….and he says, “I’ve been speaking English my whole life. I’m from Canada.” Yeah….you know what they say about assuming…

After getting TONS of contacts on our sign up sheet, we met a sweet girl from China.  She had just come to town and needed a pillow. (She’d been sleeping with her clothes stuffed in her pillow case!) We were just the girls for the job! Bets, Katrijana & I escorted her to Walmart to get all the essentials. Walmart is an interesting experience for me, so I’m sure it’s even weirder for someone from China.  They have Walmarts in China, but can you imagine trying to choose from 50 different Chinese body washes!? #overwhelming. Also- this particular Walmart was full of people of Walmart. 

(We also met a lady in the bodywash aisle who told me basically everything about her daughter’s life.)

After the body wash and toilet paper and -most importantly- pillow! were all in our cart, we headed to get some dinner.  Topics of conversation included: what you eat for breakfast in China, kinds of design, tipping customs (did you know there is no tipping AT ALL in China?), and New York City.

It was such a treat to spend time with someone from so far away and learn about her culture! I can’t wait to make more friends of people from all across the world!

Hebrews 13:2//Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it

Psalms 2:8//Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. 

Deuteronomy 10:19//So you should love foreigners, because you were foreigners living in Egypt.

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