Refocus: Pray. Plan. Prepare.

This past Friday and Saturday we gathered the student leaders together to pray, plan, and prepare for the upcoming school year. We called it “Refocus,” and it was such a privilege to be there!

Candi crafted a candy bar- the theme was “Chi Alpha: It’s gonna be sweet!”

Friday was spent catching up with everyone about how their summer went.  There were so many new faces for me! I had been away from Chi Alpha for 2 years- so that meant lots of new friends!

Ben & Sarah Sanders made an appearance to share some vision and updates about the new Campus Christian Center (C3). It was such an honor to hear from seasoned campus veterans who have been praying and contending for the campus for a long time.

We had some time to go around and share what we were excited about for the year- wow! The students had so much vision, so much passion.  It was really cool to hear.

We had a time of worship and prayer that was so cool.  As soon as we started to sing, I could just feel the presence of the Lord so strongly and had a sense that the room was so full of faith! I had been praying that God would give me specific words of knowledge. (1 Cor 12:8).  In the midst of worship, I felt like Jesus was saying that someone’s wrist/arm was in pain and someone was having stomach problems.  I was nervous because a- I’d never really done something like this before and b- I didn’t really know most of the people! I waited for a lull in the song and just decided to go for it. Then came the awkward pause that felt like 20 years but was really 20 seconds until someone came forward.  We got to pray for her stomach issue that she’d been having! Praise Jesus! He cares about us so much! He sees our pain and wants to heal us! (Later on someone came forward about having joint/bone pain aka the reason for the wrist picture!)

Students worship and prayed and shared what God was speaking to them until almost midnight. So incredible.

The next morning, we were up for a breakfast with the small group leaders. (We call them Fusion groups!)  I was manning the griddle and made pancakes while Shawn & Candi shared their vision for brotherhood & sisterhood in our groups.

The rest of the leaders came a little bit later.

We discussed leading like Jesus- aka being a servant, going low, being humble.

Lunch was split by gender.  The ladies went to Sweet Tomatoes and discussed vision for the semester. Candi’s voice was going in and out so I was her mouth piece- sort of guessing what she was going for from her notes. I did a pretty good job of guessing, if I do say so myself!  Pinterest nights, accessory exchanges, tea parties and more were discussed as outreach events….(aka things that people would want to come to that are fun because we are fun!) After lunch, the Fusion leaders did practice Fusion groups. (One guys group even wrangled his roommates to participate! haha)  Shawn, Candi, &  I checked out the new location of Quo Vadis.

PAUSE_ If you have never been to Quo Vadis Books and you live in AZ, you need to go. NOW! They will sell you Christian books AT COST and can order almost anything for you.  We try to buy all of our small group materials through them.  PLUS the people that work there are great! It’s on Mill right across from the ASU music building.

RESUME_ We also got to explore the Campus Christian Center (C3). I was overwhelmed- it is going to be such a cool resource and source for unity in the body of Christ on campus. WOW!

Here’s a picture of all of our leaders after they used the building for their practice small groups:

The first student group to use the building!

Because Shawn is the best leader in the whole world, he suggested we all make a QT run before the next sesh. Delish. I love these people:

We gathered back at the house to talk about the makings of Welcome Week.  Welcome week is the time BEFORE school starts where all the freshman have moved into their dorms.  AKA They have nothing to do and the university spends a million billion dollars to entertain them.  This is our busiest time of year meeting students. It means late nights and early mornings, awkward conversations and amazing new friends.  This is my favorite time EVER. Ever ever.

We had some pizza for dinner, sang a few songs of worship, and then got ready to head to a big freshman event on campus. (Which was hilarious. Can’t wait to tell you about it!)

It was such a time of truly “Refocusing” on the Lord’s vision for the campus. Shawn & Candi have raised up students that are “all in” and ready to raise the bar! I am so excited for what this semester entails for all of us!

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