My mom spent the last few weeks in Arizona, and it was so fun to be able to meet up with her for lunch! One day, my sister HAD to have this lotion that was only sold at a store at the Biltmore Mall.  (To be fair, I really wanted the lotion too…and we ended up walking away with the lotion, scrub, hand lotion, and body wash….) I suggested we try True Food Kitchen because it’s at the same mall and I’d read about it on Oh She Glows. (You should probably just read her post…gorgeous photos.)


It’s a restaurant in the Fox Restaurant Concepts group, and, as far as the Cannon family is concerned, they can do no wrong. The menu at True Food is full of fresh, local ingrediants. Lots of vegetarian options…not that anyone in our party was a vegetarian.  We just tend to like vegetarian restaurants. They describe themselves this way: “it’s meant to take popular trends in cuisine and pair them with healthy living.”  Fun! They take the concept of “open kitchen” to a new level.  Nothing separates the restaurants from the big tables where people are preparing food.  They even grow their own herbs right outside.



We started with some fancy drinks. (Hey- gotta live it up when mom’s in town!)    I had the Red Moon- a mix of Grapefruit, Yuzu, Agave & Soda.  The waitress described it perfectly as a “natural Squirt.” I also sampled the Seasonal Soda- it was a mix of watermelon & mint. It was super minty. Mint is kind of rude like that.

Betsy had the Cucumber Refresher- cucumber & honey lemonade.  She loved cucumbers so she loved it! It tasted it and liked it too. I actually liked everything we had! My mom had the Green Arnie- a mix of green tea & honey lemonade.  I liked hers too and I don’t even like tea!

Then on to the appetizers…(told you we went big!) We chose the Edemame dumplings and the Local Vegetables Crudetés. Both were good but the veggie’s were by FAR our favorite !! They were all so flavorful. Plus- look how beautiful it looked!


For lunch, we all had a terrible time deciding what to order because I could have ordered everything on the menu.  If we asked the waitress about something she would give us a long schpiel about amino acids and nutrients.  My mom asked about a salad and the waitress ends her description with, “It will clean you right out. You’re going to feel SO good tonight!” Yeah… I don’t remember which salad my mom ordered, but Betsy ordered the Strawberry Chopped Salad.


I got the Roasted Corn Pizza. It had poblano peppers, goat cheese, and a kale pesto on top.  It had such beautiful flavors! I felt like I was a judge on Top Chef because every bite was worthy of examination.  I ADORED it.  One of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had.

Since we had loved everything so much- we just HAD to have dessert! Now, some times vegan/veg/natural restaurants really disappoint in the dessert department.  True Food DID NOT! I had the Lemon Tart with Coconut Whipped cream & Strawberries. YUM!

Betsy had sorbet & Mom had the Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp. Both were EXCELLENT.


Yum! There are about 1 million things on the menu that I would like to try, and they have a really cool room that would be great for a party..hmm Who wants to come?!?!


    • ktcannon

      I heard about her from YOU! Her recipes are sometimes…a little too ambitious for me. But I love to dream about one day putting chia seeds and almonds in everything!

      • therawcure

        Oh you did?! You can do it, Katie! I never thought I would be that girl, and now I eat chia seeds and almond butter like they’re candy… well, sorta.

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