This has be a cray-zay week! [Thus the lack of posting!] Leadership retreat, welcome week, my mom left! Phewfs! I had a lot of highs this week…let’s see if I can narrow it down to 5…

1. The MU Freshman Takeover was the highlight of my life…..I wrote a bit about it on the ASU Chi Alpha Blog.  Basically, it was a big school sponsored dance party.  Chi Alpha went in & took over. We karaoke, we prayed, we met, we had awkward conversations…it was awesome!

2. Sprinkles with new friends! Obviously, Sprinkles is a big part of my life and Chi Alpha. Despite the fact that I was the BIGGEST WEIRDO the first time I met these fine people, they still some how agreed to going to In-n-Out & then Sprinkles with us. They probably came because Emily is so normal. (I will have to write about the first time we met….hahah it was very classic Katie.)

3. These cute little cards! Paige is a design genius! They have been such a huge hit on campus- everyone has a comment about them.

4. Time with my Mama before she left AZ.  She spends a month here every summer. I can’t wait until both of my parents spend 12 months of the year here! [yes I realize this is the millionth time that AJ’s coffee has made an appearance in High Five…but it’s just so yummy!]

5. Getting my photos from Jennifer Jones! A bit ago, we all had photos taken. I’m going to get cute little missionary prayer cards made and hopefully revamp my blog- these photos are a great start! Jennifer is so so so incredible- she’s a photography miracle worker.  If you need photos or want to look at phenomenal photos- check out her site! Check her out on Pinterest! Or Like her on Facebook!

Here’s to a great weekend!!!!!!

As always, linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk!


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