1. Mini Bike- Seriously, how weird is this?

2. An ASU student was kicked off a plane because of his shirt.

I came across this article about Arijit Guha.  Guha wore a shirt on to a plane that said “Terrorists Gonna Kill Us All.”  He thought it was  “a very American idea to speak up and dissent when you think people’s rights are being violated.” They kicked him off because they thought it was making other people feel unsafe.  Thoughts?

3.  High School Fads, Circa 1944

How funny is this?

[via A.S.B.]

4. Am I Pretty?

This is a really great post by a great writer. (Oh and If you’re wondering, she’s actually SUPER pretty…like…not like “oh you’re pretty on the inside”- like actually very pretty. Haha)

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