1. After church lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen. Delish & great company. The guy who served us knew lots of people we knew! That was a bonus.

2. Volley Ball with XA. I think this was the most athletic I’ve been in 10 years. I played vball for like 30 minutes. Hahah

3. THE FIRST CHI ALPHA! I love this night! So many new faces that will be friends in just a few weeks! Even though my sisters say I have a weird accent when I do announcements (A combo of Canadian-Californian-Southern- and Weird.)

4. Sun Devil Sweet Treat! I love ANYTHING ASU and Mag scooped up this treat for me at Wally World! What a fun sister!

5. ASU WINS!!!!!! We tied the record for highest scoring game.  I’m actually kind of bitter that we even left them score once. Over all, I think our new coach did a great job. My fav Coach Graham quote was something to the effect of “The officials commented on the great conduct of our team on the field.  That means as much to me as a win.”

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4 thoughts on “HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY

  1. Falen

    Hahha. I’m from Ohio, with Tennessee grandparents, and live in Oklahoma. Everyone says I have an accent too. I’m not sure how, but I’m okay with it! HAHAH. Looks like you had a great week!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Found you on #H54F! Following you on Twitter.

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