Are you judging me?

Arizona State University is an interesting campus.  Here is a recent account of my 20 minutes spent on campus while waiting to give students rides:

Every Wednesday, I set up the Chi Alpha contact table to let people know about Chi Alpha! It’s really fun, but we certainly come in contact with a lot of characters.  Just last week, the tables included:

The Chi Alpha Table:

The 9/11 Conspiracy Table:

The Political Table & The Friends of Internationals Table:

And….Devil’s in the Bedroom:

They were doing condom demos & had a claw machine.  The prize? Condoms.

It’s a wide variety of people trying to get their message out on campus.  One day, a few weeks ago, I was sitting at the table by myself.  I was watching the thousands of students walk by, checking out their cute clothes, and taking in every shape & size of person.  Some conservative Jewish men walked by- beards, curls, tassels, yarmulkes. As they walked by, I suddenly became aware of what I was wearing.  I started to tug at my skirt that hit above the knees and crossed my arms. The thought that hit me was, “Oh they probably think I am so immodest! I wonder what they are thinking of me!?”  They must have seen me staring because as they passed my table one of the men offered a hearty & friendly, “Hello!”

I felt immediately convicted by the Holy Spirit.  I had prematurely judged these men- that they had had negative thoughts about me. First of all- I’m like 99% sure they did not give a second thought to me. They were super friendly, happy guys!  The next thought that came to mind was, “Maybe that’s what people think I’m doing at my table…Maybe they all think I want to shame & judge them.”

Christians would tell people they weren’t judgmental, that they accept everyone.  I would say that.  I’m not totally sure my talk matches my walk.  I am probably one of the most harshly judgmental people I know! I have so many opinions that I’m positive are 100% right.  But judging was never my job- it’s God’s.  Loving is my job.  Accepting is my job.  Speaking the truth in love is my job.

The next week, I went out to pray for a few people with Larissa. (She is…amazing. So smart, so talented, and cute to boot!)  We got to pray for and encourage 2 girls.  We just asked God to give us a word for both of them- and both girls smiled as we left.  The one said, “This is so nice that you’re doing this! Thank you!” These girls both had a personal experience with Jesus’ followers.  We didn’t try to tell them they were living in sin- we just shared with them what we knew of Jesus. Just love. It was very simple. It was also out of our comfort zones. We walked around forever trying to decide who to approach!

Obviously, I believe there is a place and time- in the context of relationship- to discuss sin issues & speak the truth in love.  We wouldn’t be loving people well if we didn’t want to help them get out of their mess. I think, however, I can spend a LOT more time loving and accepting and serving.  I am challenged to use conversations to change people’s perception of what it is to follow Jesus- to show that Jesus wants us to step out of shame and condemnation.  It’s for freedom that He has set us free! Amen!!

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?


Katie Cannon


Random things I find across the interwebs and post them here because I don’t have a tumblr…

1. State It Custom Cards

Seriously- how cute are these cards?!? Especially if you live your life all over the place- like me! These would be a great gift for someone going out of state for college or if you had a summer camp romance with Kyle from Indiana! Plus- you support a small business! I love that! You can buy them here! 


2. 84 pictures of dead malls

I hate horror movies & haunted houses, but for some weird reason I love creepy pictures of abandoned places. (Especially amusement parks!) You can see a picture version of the state of our economy here.  Is there anything more sad than an empty mall?!



3. Oh Rapunzel on The Chiffon Diary

I may have started pulling my hair and massaging my scalp after reading this post. If you have ever spoken to me in the last year you know that I am obnoxiously trying to grow my hair out. Oh…I also bought dry shampoo. (I bought Suave Dry Shampoo because Paige recommended it to me after hearing about it from Promise Tangeman. It was like $2.50.)Here’s to hair-spiration! #obnox



4. Should I Post This? from

Below is a great infographic about what to post online. (I LOVE infographics!)

To Post or Not to Post Infographic


Last Friday, we held an event for anyone new to Chi Alpha.  Candi wanted the event to have sort of a “comforts of home” theme and something to do with “keys.” She had all the leaders come up with their “Key’s to success” for being in college, staying Christian on campus, and for Chi Alpha specifically. They are great and you can read them here!

We wanted to give out a little favor.  Here were the requirements: cheap, but not cheap looking and very meaningful.  We got to talking and googling and pinteresting and this is the idea we came up with- keys! The whole point of our event was to make people feel included in the family of Chi Alpha.  When you give someone keys to your house- you trust them! They have access to something special and privileged. Now the keys we gave out didn’t actually unlock anything- they were just symbolic. The keys that the Chi Alpha leaders shared were available to the new people freely.  They were welcome to community!   It be a cute idea to tweak for a house warming, a new members event at a church, or for a leadership team or something. We saw lots of escort cards involving keys for weddings.

I called Lowe’s an asked if they had any keys they were willing to give away- and they did! Lots of keys! They must have given me over 100. (He said they could have given me double, but a lady is in the process of building a life size horse out of keys and stops by weekly to collect keys.) That made the project really cheap!

Here’s what I did:

Continue reading “CUTE IDEAS: KEY FAVORS”


My sister Maggie is very inspirational.  She is a hard worker, compassionate, and thoughtful. She has recently committed to really research the candidates and make an educated vote this November. She’s been listening intently to both sides of the story, and we were chatting a bit about it when she was at my house recently. We decided we wanted to vote FOR someone, not just against a candidate.

My struggle is that I like to be  sure of my decisions.  I am an extreme person by nature- so naturally I want to be 110% behind a candidate.  I am just not sure that is possible in a presidential election, and that’s really hard for me.  Picking the “best” might not be the “best”- it might just be the “better” than the “worse.” For instance- I’m pro life but I’m also a bit of a bleeding heart liberal when it comes to social services.  These things seem to fall on both sides of the political spectrum. I think immigration is a very complicated issue that can’t just be answered with a yes or a no.  I think a president has less to do with the economy and jobs than we think.  I think the financial situation in Europe has made things really interesting. There are no easy answers. I also have a tiny problem of loving to be right- that is also not possible in politics.

I think Christians (NOT the religious right, there is a difference) have a unique position when it comes to elections.  We can afford to be MUCH more respectful of the candidates and our friends as they voice their opinions.  We have such an opportunity to be great witnesses by honoring authority. We can show mountain moving faith by NOT freaking out and threatening to move to Canada if someone wins an election.  No matter who is elected- Jesus is still on the throne.

This prayer at the Democratic National Convention struck me.  The woman is the founder of the Blood:Water Mission.  I’d like to model my prayers for the candidates and our nation after hers:

Here’s an article Mag recommended to me that I’d like to pass along to you: 7 Things Christians Need to Remember About Politics. 

Here’s a prayer guide that I think is really useful: 2012 Election Prayer Guide


Here’s to making an educated vote in 2012!




20120907-190325.jpg1. Getting to be on campus with these fine ladies (and others!) to let people know about XA was super fun. i predict it will be even more fun as the semester progresses.

2. Chi Alpha this may get on this list every week. i love going to xa.  do you see me at the front? we had over 80 students come AND a handful give their lives to the Lord! a-mazing.

3. TREATS! Mag brought me treats on Weds at XA AND she just left my house after dropping off a chocolate covered oreo AND some fruit pastilles. (childhood favs!)

4. Betsy sharing! I was so proud of Betsy for sharing her story at Chi Alpha! (Ha- can you see a theme?!) Plus I am insanely jealous of her lace shorts.

5. FACETIME! I got to Facetime with Jen! All the way on the East Coast! Thankful for her friendship & looking forward to our next chat!




Checking in after Week 2 of Hello Mornings! Yeah so this is way harder than I thought it was going to be. I figured, “Hey I can do this! I don’t even have kids! I naturally wake up early anyway.” Yeah…It’s HARD. Waking up early for a quiet time is a DISCIPLINE.

There is also something that I’ve been thinking about a lot: MOMENTUM. Once you have momentum, you’re golden. It can carry you for a while, but you need discipline to get to the point of momentum- and to maintain it.

THEREFORE I DECLARE THIS THE WEEK OF MOMENTUM! In all areas! And therefore, a week of discipline.

A big stride I made this week was in the working out dept.  I did actually work out 4 times- I completed my goal! I did 1 day of hot yoga @ Yahweh Yoga, 2 Nike Training Center workouts, and 1 treadmill workout.  Nike training center (It’s an iphone app) almost killed me. BUT I did it! Discipline, people!

Self Grade for Week 1: C+

Overall Impressions from Week 2: Things aren’t going to magically fall into place- it is a choice to make my schedule happen.

Goal for Next Week: Discipline! Wake up at a consistent time and spend time in the Word FIRST THING!


If you know me, you know I love my Iphone. I really, honestly, and truly do not know what I would do with out it. I have a handful of apps I use that I would like to recommend to the internet.  Obviously my most used apps are things like facebook, instagram, and wordpress- but these are apps I use often that you might not have!


1. Diptic

Diptic is a photo collage app. This is one of the very few apps I have ever paid for and it is way worth it.  I know there are lots of collage apps out there these days, but I just love Diptic.


2. Nike Training Center


This app is a great replacement for a gym membership.  It has all sorts of workouts that you can do at your house or a local park.  A certain someone I know even did the runs up and down her hallway.  I’m a sucker for incentives and you can earn things like smoothie recipes and other work outs.

3. Period Tracker Lite

Sorry boys- I know this is weird. But this is SUCH a useful app for vacations or for if you go to the doctor and they ask you when your last period was. I can never remember. (I also never go to the doctor…but that’s neither here nor there.) Oh and the app just says “P Tracker Lite” so it won’t be super awk if someone swoops your phone.

4. Viggle

Ok so this is an app with a lot of potential.  You can “check in” to TV shows you are watching and earn points.  With the points you can earn gift cards & prizes.  Right now I have enough points to buy a $15 gift card for a website that prints photo canvases or for a Redbox Game rental.  I have only been using it sporadically, so we’ll see if I can earn enough points for a Kindle Fire!

5. Gigwalk

I’ve made about $30 from Gigwalk.  It gives you “gigs” to complete for companies.  I’ve done things like take photos of electric charging stations, confirm that Cheetos were stocked at the grocery store, and reviewed an app.  They pay you quickly through PayPal. Pretty great! Unfortunately, there aren’t gigs available in all cities, but there are usually a handful that can be completed anywhere or online.

6. Zillow

This is a great app for people who love the show House Hunters.  I first heard about this app from Paige when we went to California.  Basically, it tells you all the real estate info about the houses around your current location. You an tell their price, # of rooms, pictures etc.  It was really fun/depressing/shocking to see how much beach houses cost.  It’s kind of fun to look up your own house (and your neighbors!) too!


Do you have any apps you’d recommend? I always like hearing about new ones!