If you know me, you know I love my Iphone. I really, honestly, and truly do not know what I would do with out it. I have a handful of apps I use that I would like to recommend to the internet.  Obviously my most used apps are things like facebook, instagram, and wordpress- but these are apps I use often that you might not have!


1. Diptic

Diptic is a photo collage app. This is one of the very few apps I have ever paid for and it is way worth it.  I know there are lots of collage apps out there these days, but I just love Diptic.


2. Nike Training Center


This app is a great replacement for a gym membership.  It has all sorts of workouts that you can do at your house or a local park.  A certain someone I know even did the runs up and down her hallway.  I’m a sucker for incentives and you can earn things like smoothie recipes and other work outs.

3. Period Tracker Lite

Sorry boys- I know this is weird. But this is SUCH a useful app for vacations or for if you go to the doctor and they ask you when your last period was. I can never remember. (I also never go to the doctor…but that’s neither here nor there.) Oh and the app just says “P Tracker Lite” so it won’t be super awk if someone swoops your phone.

4. Viggle

Ok so this is an app with a lot of potential.  You can “check in” to TV shows you are watching and earn points.  With the points you can earn gift cards & prizes.  Right now I have enough points to buy a $15 gift card for a website that prints photo canvases or for a Redbox Game rental.  I have only been using it sporadically, so we’ll see if I can earn enough points for a Kindle Fire!

5. Gigwalk

I’ve made about $30 from Gigwalk.  It gives you “gigs” to complete for companies.  I’ve done things like take photos of electric charging stations, confirm that Cheetos were stocked at the grocery store, and reviewed an app.  They pay you quickly through PayPal. Pretty great! Unfortunately, there aren’t gigs available in all cities, but there are usually a handful that can be completed anywhere or online.

6. Zillow

This is a great app for people who love the show House Hunters.  I first heard about this app from Paige when we went to California.  Basically, it tells you all the real estate info about the houses around your current location. You an tell their price, # of rooms, pictures etc.  It was really fun/depressing/shocking to see how much beach houses cost.  It’s kind of fun to look up your own house (and your neighbors!) too!


Do you have any apps you’d recommend? I always like hearing about new ones!

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