Checking in after Week 2 of Hello Mornings! Yeah so this is way harder than I thought it was going to be. I figured, “Hey I can do this! I don’t even have kids! I naturally wake up early anyway.” Yeah…It’s HARD. Waking up early for a quiet time is a DISCIPLINE.

There is also something that I’ve been thinking about a lot: MOMENTUM. Once you have momentum, you’re golden. It can carry you for a while, but you need discipline to get to the point of momentum- and to maintain it.

THEREFORE I DECLARE THIS THE WEEK OF MOMENTUM! In all areas! And therefore, a week of discipline.

A big stride I made this week was in the working out dept.  I did actually work out 4 times- I completed my goal! I did 1 day of hot yoga @ Yahweh Yoga, 2 Nike Training Center workouts, and 1 treadmill workout.  Nike training center (It’s an iphone app) almost killed me. BUT I did it! Discipline, people!

Self Grade for Week 1: C+

Overall Impressions from Week 2: Things aren’t going to magically fall into place- it is a choice to make my schedule happen.

Goal for Next Week: Discipline! Wake up at a consistent time and spend time in the Word FIRST THING!

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